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Halloween event 2023
October 22nd, 2023, 4:22 pm
IM:RP Halloween Event 2023

Starting October 24 until October 31, Italy Mafia will be hosting a Halloween Event. For the full details, click the following thread: http://forum.sa-mp.im/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=186065

Changes/fixes compared to the previous event

- Material reward has been reduced by 25%.
- Box prices increased by 50%.
- 10% chance on gaining a fortune spin (Large and XXL box)
- Pumpkins are now visible objects.
- Added a login message and changed hostname if the event is active.

Additional rewards
Top 5 total candies collected during this event will be rewarded with an Addict Premium Package (valued 55e).

We will also be giving away 5x 50 fortune spins to 5 random players within the top 20 total candies collected.
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Launching V8
July 29th, 2023, 5:41 am
Hi there,

Tomorrow morning after midnight (server time), there will be extended downtime while we upgrade the server to V8.

There have been countless changes, but I'd like to highlight these ones specifically:

    - New Special Turf: San Andreas Central Bank.
    As the owner of this turf located in San Fierro, others will certainly be jealous of your faction. Your faction earns 0.04% interest rate on their faction bank balance (capped at $1b balance) every hour that you own this turf. Factions in the same alliance as the turf owner earn 0.01% interest rate.

    - Alliance Compounds
    Every alliance on the server has a compound at its chosen location. These compounds must always be located outside the main Los Santos Turfs and >200.0 units away from the alliance gun run.

    - New jail feature
    Reworked /jail. You can now /jail , and you can select/deselect charges. This will now also automatically “fine” the players you’re arresting, so no more need to force them to pay and call admins!

    - Faction businesses
    Businesses can now be owned by factions. Any tier 0 of a faction has the same control over faction businesses as a normal player-owned business. Use /biz to factionize; as always, factionizing is permanent, with no exceptions.

    - Alliance Weapon Factory Heist
    This is an activity requiring team-play in the alliance of multiple factions. There must be at least 4 players of at least 2 different factions in the alliance present. Head to the given marker and steal the Cargobob Helicopter as instructed. Fly to the given location and steal the gun crates from the factory. Careful! Law Enforcers will be alerted of your robbery. Once loaded, head to the escape location and fill up the escape vehicles! Head to your compound and fill up the armory. If the stolen Cargobob gets destroyed before reaching the escape phase or the leader disconnects/dies, the heist fails.

There are a lot more things in the works that we will be releasing over the new few months, including smoother server restarts, dynamic turfs, new premium features, major UCP and website upgrades, and much more. As always, you can use Discord and the forums to post suggestions, report bugs, or just share your feedback on these changes.

Special thanks to the entire staff team for their thorough testing and feedback and to ThaCrypte for all of his work on the script.

For a complete changelog, please refer to the IMRP V8 Changelog.

Enjoy all the new features!

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April 3rd, 2023, 10:27 am
Hi there,

I realize this post is long overdue, but I thought it would be a good time to introduce myself while also sharing these major announcements.

As you are aware, a few months ago woot decided to quit IMRP. Despite a lot of effort, he was unable to find someone capable of taking over that has an in-depth knowledge of IMRP, so he asked me to take over instead. While I may not be very familiar with IMRP itself, I have plenty of experience when it comes to development, programming, and server management. Please bear with me while I get up to speed with everything that needs to be taken care of daily.

New Gamemode
We've been busy catching up on years of unresolved bugs and feature requests and have been able to resolve some of them. We won't be addressing them all, since we're also busy testing and finishing V8 of the game mode, which will bring hundreds of new features and bug fixes to the entire game mode. You will hear more about this in the upcoming months.

Mass unban
As of right now, every existing ban on the server has been wiped. We hope that this second chance is not taken advantage of, but anyone who does misbehave during the period of their original ban will find themselves receiving harsher punishments and less lenience than usual.

Support and Communication
One of the reasons woot was unable to stay motivated was because of the bombardment of daily forum PMs and Discord DMs for in-game support. After taking over I noticed the same thing, every time I woke up there were already 15-20 people who sent me messages.

This is unsustainable for me and also the other server management members. It causes us to be burned out and lose interest in working on the things that matter. Please use the many support systems (forums, Discord, tickets, /ask) we have in place instead.

First and foremost, I'd like to thank woot for trusting me to take over his server after 13 years. Secondly, I'd like to thank the entire server management team for being patient while I dedicate some of my time and efforts toward the future of IMRP. Finally, I'd like to thank every player for still sticking around while all of us are doing our best to provide you with a stable server and a nice community to spend your free time with.

Hope to see you in-game! :D
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