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Italy Mafia V9.0
February 9th, 2024, 9:25 pm
Italy Mafia Roleplay - V9.0

The old system was outdated, and it was tedious to produce so we completely reworked the drug system. From the way of obtaining ingredients to producing. Best of all? It'll be available to everyone. The update is also meant to be built upon and expanded, and you're free to suggest what you'd like to see.

Some highlights:

- - Removed the f-perk and the old drug system.
- - Anyone can produce drugs!
- - Added unique production chains to each drug type with tradeable ingredients.
- - Plants now require to be maintained to ensure they remain healthy.
- - Added hidden production labs around the map. These rotate every server restart and won't have any visible entrance.
- - You can plant anywhere where grass grows! (Outside the city of LS)
- - New plants.
- - Seperated old drugs from new drugs.
- - Addiction & Rehab
- - New drugs won't have a cooldown, and can be used earlier, but with diminishing returns.
- - New run.
- - Dark web.
- - New features for illegals and legals.

You can read the full changelog below.

Another new thing we're excited to announce is that IM-RP will be starting to use 0.3.DL. What does that mean? It allows us to do a whole lot more, such as custom server sided skins/objects. Alongside 0.3.DL, we're also looking at the possibility to expand our roster with a "mapping & modding" team. You'll probably hear more about that soon™.

Players that are currently not on the launcher may already connect with 0.3.DL. Other players will have to wait for the launcher update to go live.

We updated the launcher to be compatible with 0.3.DL. Can't find a download link for 0.3.DL? Don't stress! If you don't have 0.3.DL you can install it through the launcher (you will be prompted if you want to).

We also expanded and improved the game accelerator. Are you having issues with high packetloss or ping? Try using the accelerator. You will find it in the launcher settings. We currently have 3 servers, Australia, Canada and Singapore. Do note that this feature might not be entirely stable.

* The launcher update & full 0.3.DL support will be at a later date.

The full changelog can be found here.
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Happy Holidays!
December 11th, 2023, 7:11 am
From all of us at Italy Mafia Roleplay, we want to wish you very happy holidays!

Personal Word
After nearly an entire year of owning IM:RP, it's clear thousands of you value the server and the community a lot. While I'm still getting used to all the thousands of commands and server mechanics as well as 12+ years of history, I'm doing my best to get familiar with everything as quickly as possible. In the meantime, I will keep referring most of your questions to the staff team and management, because they have a much firmer grasp on why things are the way they are.

We're still making daily changes to the server and have several exciting major updates coming soon. Every forum suggestion gets read and taken into consideration, and while they might not all get accepted, they all contribute to our sense of the direction the community wants the server to go. At the moment, our main focus is to balance the server economy and make it more welcoming for new players and factions, to add more variety to the server, especially during the night times when there are fewer players online, and to find more ways for any (legal and illegals) to interact with each other in a fair and fun way.

The only thing I can ask from you is your patience and understanding. We've already launched V8, which was several months of hard work and lots of testing, and major changes like the inventory system also easily take up several weeks. Combine this with all the other day-to-day tasks, changes, bug fixes, balance fixes, player reports, support tickets, and crashes, and I hope you understand why things can't always be implemented as fast as we'd like or why someone in management does not always have time to help you with your stuck trailer or house claim.

Finally, I'd like to thank the entire staff team for their continuous support. Specifically, I'd like to thank the helpers for helping players every single day, the admins for making sure everyone is playing fairly, and the management team for taking care of the major aspects and helping me make big decisions. The server would literally crash and burn without you.

That being said, let's move on to the fun parts! Starting right now until January 1st, you can earn rewards and gifts ranging from in-game money to materials, name changes, premium memberships, unique vehicles, and much more.

Unwrap gift boxes, earn candies
Santa is visiting San Andreas and has gifts for everyone. Use the command /giftbox to start hunting gift boxes dropped by Santa that can be found all over San Andreas.

Using the command /giftbox will put you into event-mode and instructions will be given to you on where the next gift boxes are located. Gift boxes require 1 player to open. If you are near their designated gift box, it will unwrap and you will collect candies found inside.

Gift boxes contain a random amount of candy and will be distributed to you. Candies in a box range between 25 and 40 candies.

Any gift boxes opened between 17:00 - 02:00 (server-time) contain a +10% bonus. Additionally, premium players will receive an extra +10% candy at all times, and premium >5 players an extra +20% candy at all times. (= up to 52 candy/giftbox)

Players need to wait 3 minutes before being able to open another gift box. Premium players only 2 minutes.
There must be at least 30 players connected for gift box hunting to be enabled.

Other ways to earn candies
At every paytime, you will receive a random amount between 30-60 candies.
You will get a gift of 50 candies if you are in the top 3 state lottery winners and qualified poor people also get 25 candies.
By winning a race you can also earn 50 candies.

Bonuses are excluded from these ways to earn candies.

Candies for surprises
Exchange your candies for surprises at the Christmas tree at the main bank Christmas tree. Use /candy to choose your surprise box.

Exchange 200 candies for a surprise box that contains 1 of:

- Money ($300k - $700k) [probability: 60%]
- Materials (10,000 - 15,000) [probability: 30%]
- 1 name change [probability: 5%]
- 1 number change [probability: 5%]

Exchange 420 candies for a surprise box that contains 2 of:

- Money ($1m - $2m) [probability: 50%]
- Materials (20,000 - 40,000) [probability: 21%]
- 1 name change [probability: 10%]
- 1 number change [probability: 10%]
- Random vehicle [probability: 3%]
- Premium vehicle claim [probability: 3%]
- Premium account balance (1 - 2 EUR) [probability: 3%]

if you unwrap a large surprise box (420 candies) there's a small chance you find a "secret voucher". At the end of this event, we have a secret prize for the player that has the most secret vouchers collected.

Happy Hour
If there are more than 100 players online, happy hour will be enabled automatically. If the player count drops below 60, happy hour will be disabled.

100% top-up bonus
Topping up your EUR account balance for premium membership and items will be rewarded with a 100% bonus. If you top up 10 EUR, you will receive 20 EUR to your account balance. You can top up through your UCP: https://sa-mp.im/profile/topup

All rewards, gifts, and settings are subject to change if we deem it necessary.
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Halloween event 2023
October 22nd, 2023, 4:22 pm
IM:RP Halloween Event 2023

Starting October 24 until October 31, Italy Mafia will be hosting a Halloween Event. For the full details, click the following thread: http://forum.sa-mp.im/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=186065

Changes/fixes compared to the previous event

- Material reward has been reduced by 25%.
- Box prices increased by 50%.
- 10% chance on gaining a fortune spin (Large and XXL box)
- Pumpkins are now visible objects.
- Added a login message and changed hostname if the event is active.

Additional rewards
Top 5 total candies collected during this event will be rewarded with an Addict Premium Package (valued 55e).

We will also be giving away 5x 50 fortune spins to 5 random players within the top 20 total candies collected.
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