Hello, thar!
December 2017


It's time to start hunting gift boxes again!

Santa is dropping gift boxes all over San Andreas. Time for you to locate and unwrap them.

There's money, number changes, name changes and vehicles for you to find in gift boxes. [i](sorted by chance, decreasing)[/i]

The majority of players preferred the way giftboxes were available a few years ago - which is why we are bringing this fun method of hunting them back.

It's time to get your ass on a fast car, bike or helicopter and be the first to open the a gift box before somebody else does it.

Use "/giftboxes" to find the currently spawned giftboxes: You will see their location name and your distance to them.

Use "/giftbox" near a giftbox to open it. Once opened, it will dissappear immediately and will not be available for others to open.

You can also use "/giftbox" to easily locate the closest giftbox near you. (No need to spam /giftboxes)

You can open at most one giftbox every 7 minutes. (5 minutes if a premium member)

No shooting/killing players is allowed to prevent them from opening giftboxes, or you will be punished for deathmatching.

The giftboxes will contain, including the respective chance:

85% -> $20k - $80k

11% -> $30k - $350k

1% -> 1 Namechange

1% -> 1 Numberchange

1% -> 1 Random Vehicle [i](Landstalker, Buffalo, Infernus, Washington, Premier, Admiral, Turismo, PCJ-600, Sanchez, ZR-350, Elegant, FCR-900, Slamvan, Clover, Yosemite, Tornado, Stafford)[/i]

0.5% -> 1 permanent accessory slot

0.25% -> 1 permanent house slot

0.25% -> 1 permanent business slot

Questions you may have:

- Yes, you will receive cars even if you do not have any remaining car slots left.

- No, we cannot change the random vehicle model you received - it's a random gift after all, not your choice.

- No, we cannot change your number- to a namechange or vice versa - it's a random gift after all, not your choice.

Have fun hunting!


The stock market is functional again, some companies will be removed and new ones added shortly.


Bars & Restaurants now have to customize the products they offer themselves. Bar & Restaurant owners can manage their products on the website, under my businesses, details where you will be presented with a form to mange your products.


[b][size=120]Double Top-Up[/size][/b]

From now on until December 31st.

Just like every year: [url=http://sa-mp.im/profile/topup]Top up your account[/url] with any amount and receive the same amount as gift. (i.e. top up 20€ and you'll receive another 20€ for free)

Use Stripe, Paypal or Paysafecard to make use of this promotion. (Warning: DaoPay mobile payments are not included in this promotion)

IPs unbanned, Accounts deleted
[mention]woot[/mention] and I decided to try something, just for the sake of it.

We're all aware of the server's current situation, and we all know SAMP is a dying modification.

But that said, we think old as well as new players should get a chance to enjoy Italy Mafia before it's all over.

We haven't set a date for closing Italy Mafia, nor will we set one. It deserves to just live its' life.

Therefore, we decided to unban all previous IP bans, delete banned level 1 accounts older than 3 months and lift all IP bans on the forum.

This might spark some temporary life on the server, and it might bring some people back who were previously banned for god knows what reason.

GPCI bans etcetera are included in the lifted bans.


[mention]K3lroy[/mention] and [mention]woot[/mention]
Helper apps [CLOSED]
Helper Applications are now open. We are looking for fresh helper(s) who have the motivation and time to help players, feel free to apply.