Hello, thar!
Change your passwords!

It is highly recommended to regularly change your password, both on the server and on the forums!

There may be a leaked database circulating again - however the database was used on an old iteration of the script, and it was sold several years ago by a former owner/developer. (Algren)

The database contains old and hopefully outdated passwords, however if you did not change password in the last 5 years, you might be at risk.
It has been confirmed by one affected community member that he did not change password, which leads me to believe my thesis is correct.

Again; Avoid using the same passwords on copied IM servers, or other communities that may or may not be 100% serious/secure. Don't use the same password for the server and the forum.
Use unique passwords as many places as possible and do not use your e-mail account's password on gaming sites.
Hall of Fame 2016 - Results
The hall of fame 2016 voting has ended. Congratulations on being so recognized in the community!
First place winners will receive an award badge on their public profile shortly.
Let's see what the next year brings.

First place winners

MOST ACTIVE: Quiss_Paccini (66 votes)
MOST RESPECTED: Clint_Marshall (22 votes)
MOST IMAGINATIVE: Sahar_Sosa (21 votes)
BEST ROLEPLAYER: Ralph_Montiglio (25 votes)
BEST DESIGNER: Junior_Varela (50 votes)
BEST SHOOTER: Vin_Lothbrok (67 votes)
BEST MAPPER: Callum_Rockefeller (94 votes)
BEST DRIVER: Scar_Cavallaro (49 votes)
BEST PILOT: Cruz_Gonzalez (41 votes)

SMARTEST CHARACTER: Sahar_Sosa (18 votes)
MOST MYSTERIOUS CHARACTER: Fystek_Babaev (37 votes)
MOST RESPECTED CHARACTER: Clint_Marshall (15 votes)
MOST INSPIRING CHARACTER: Silvio_Bellini (18 votes)
MOST FEARED CHARACTER: Darien_Enzo (27 votes)
MOST DEVELOPED CHARACTER: Leoluca_Valentino (30 votes)
MOST WANTED (by cops): Uday_Hussein (43 votes)
BEST MALE CHARACTER: Chester_Dalapego (42 votes)
BEST FEMALE CHARACTER: Stella_Paccini (62 votes)
BEST POLICE OFFICER: Darien_Enzo (57 votes)
BEST GANG ROLEPLAYER: James_Bradshaw (37 votes)
BEST GOVERNMENT ROLEPLAYER: William_Bradford (102 votes)
BEST MAFIA ROLEPLAYER: Ralph_Montiglio (20 votes)

BEST MANAGER: Adam_Cooper (60 votes)
BEST ADMIN: Quiss_Paccini (65 votes)
BEST HELPER: Pablo_Juarez (114 votes)

Top 3 for each category

Happy New Year 2017!
Happy New Year 2017!

Another year is over and the IMRP community is still going strong. We've had our up and downs in 2016, just like every other year - let's make the best out of 2017. Don't forget the main purpose of being here; to have fun and a good time with other players from all over the world.

Thank you for playing here and being a part of the community.

A huge thanks to all (ex-) administrators and (ex-) helpers for their voluntary help to make this community a better place.
I hope to have you all still here for at least one more year.

On January 24th 2017, IMRP will already be under my ownership for 7 years. That's an incredible lifespan for a game server and I honestly never expected it to be going this long. I sincerely hope you all continue to enjoy this server as long as possible.

PS: Don't forget to submit your votes for the hall of fame 2016