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Helper Applications
Helper Applications are now open for a few days. We are looking for fresh helper(s) who have the motivation to help players, feel free to apply.


Good luck everyone!

NOTE: Don't ask the staff team to vouch you or it will be instant deny.
Updated war system

War System Update

After the long wait, it is finally here: the updated war system.

Long story short: No more points, just money. Multiple wars at once. Up to 6 factions per team. Script-wise enforced rules. Automated prize handling.

Starting a faction war:

Any lead admin or higher may decide to start a faction war. A faction war always consists of 2 teams; one team always has at least 1 faction and may have up to 6 factions. The agreed prize will be automatically taken from the faction bank balance once the war starts.

Example: [Team 1] Tattaglia vs. [Team 2] Stracci & Kemirov with a prize of $300m
When the war starts, Tattaglia will automatically get $300m deducted from their faction bank, Stracci and Kemirov will get $150m deducted from their faction bank. This puts the prize of the war to $600m.

A war cannot start if the factions don't have enough money in their faction bank balance.

During the war:

A faction may not lose more than 20% of it's members during the war or it will be automatically disqualified. Please note that faction members can leave their faction themselves during a war (/leavefaction) - this also counts as an uninvite.

Example: Stracci has 55 members when they start warring. They have up to 11 uninvites before they get eliminated.
Stracci uninvites 7 members because they are bad at shooting, and 5 other Stracci members decide they are sick of the war and use /leavefaction: Stracci will automatically be removed from team 2, but Kemirov will remain in team 2. The war is now 1v1.


A tier 0 faction leader can decide to surrender a war (/surrender). The only condition is that the war has been running for at least 3 days. You cannot use the command if the war hasn't been going on for at least 3 days. If they are the only faction in the warring team, the opposing team will win. If there is another faction in their war team, the other faction will continue warring.


Wars usually end because either team surrenders. If this is not the case, an automated win can be achieved if a team has more than 7000 kills and a KD ratio of over 1.8 - in this case, the team is automatically declared winner and receives the prize.

Situation: [Team 1] Tattaglia vs. [Team 2] Stracci & Kemirov with a prize of $300m
Team 2 achieves 7001 kills with a KD ratio of 1.8 -> Team 1 loses. The war ends. Stracci & Kemirov both receive $300m into their faction bank.

Multiple wars:

If there is only one war going on, /warinfo will display the current war stats. If there are multiple wars going on, /warinfo will display both wars with an ID and you can use /warinfo <warid> to display stats for the specific war. There may be an infinite number of wars at the same time. A faction can however only be in one war at a time.

Anti-rulebreaking measures:

- Healing is impossible within a radius of 175 meters of your opponents faction HQs
- Healing is impossible if an opponent is nearby or outside of your house you are currently in
- /close cannot be used if you were shot within the last 5 minutes
- If a nearby player quits within 60 seconds of being last shot at it will display a local quit message including their HP/Armour %, distance to player, last hit x seconds ago.

Additional adjustments:

- Faction headquarters are now always forced open.
- Faction members will be forced to spawn at their HQ, regardless of rent settings.
- Respawn timer has been reduced from 60 seconds to 30.
- Respawn timer screen has been adjusted (no more black screen)
- War Rules have been revamped.

Credits to Andre & Bossnigguh for their effort, ideas & testing regarding the war system!
Change your passwords!

It is highly recommended to regularly change your password, both on the server and on the forums!

There may be a leaked database circulating again - however the database was used on an old iteration of the script, and it was sold several years ago by a former owner/developer. (Algren)

The database contains old and hopefully outdated passwords, however if you did not change password in the last 5 years, you might be at risk.
It has been confirmed by one affected community member that he did not change password, which leads me to believe my thesis is correct.

Again; Avoid using the same passwords on copied IM servers, or other communities that may or may not be 100% serious/secure. Don't use the same password for the server and the forum.
Use unique passwords as many places as possible and do not use your e-mail account's password on gaming sites.