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Script Update 7.5.1 [16/08/2020]
August 16th, 2020, 1:34 am

Billboard Advertising

There are now around 20 billboards in Los Santos that can be rented hourly on which you can freely advertise any text. The average price is $10k/hour, although some premium locations are more expensive. More billboards will be added over time.

Use /billboard (/bb) to rent a specific billboard if you are near one. Specify the duration in hours you want to rent it for and enter your desired text. You may change the text on your billboards at any time. Use /mybillboards (/mybb) to see the rented billboards and when they expire.

Regular players can rent billboards up to 2 hours, premium members for up to 4 hours.
Billboards stay rented, even if you log off.

Please note that the same rules apply as for the normal /ad system. There is no name or phone number automatically visible on the billboard, but admins can see at any time who rents a certain billboard in case of abuse.

There was also a new business created for this advertising system (Billboard Advertising Co.) which earns 75% of all billboard rentals. The command /setbbprice can be used to set a specific billboards hourly rental price.

Additions / Changes

- Added team-chat color and /pm color customization in /settings chatcolors
- Added random colorcodes to /settings chatcolors to list samples
- Added a billboard advertising system (see above)
- Added a new petrol station in Verdant Bluffs
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Script Update 7.5.0 [11/08/2020]
August 11th, 2020, 11:15 am
New Faction Perks

Drug Production Access

Illegal factions may now purchase access to the drug lab and produce drugs by using their faction points (f-points).

To do so, the faction leader (tier 0) must enable the perk using /faction perks.
While the perk is enabled, up to 4 members can enter the drug laboratory and produce any amount of drugs as long as the perk is active.

In order to avoid flooding the server with a new influx of drugs, the price in f-points may seem high at first, but is subject to change.

You have to pay 3,000 f-points to access the drug laboratory for 30 minutes. This will give 4 faction members in your faction the ability to enter, purchase chemicals (/buy) and produce drugs (/produce). The normal fees (business entrance fee, chemicals, ..) are to be paid by the producing faction member.

If the perk is active, the drug lab can always be entered, even if it is closed or out of stock.

Car Bomb Shop Access

Illegal factions may now purchase access to the car bomb shop by paying a premium using f-points.

The faction leader (tier 0) has to enable the perk (/faction perks) - once enabled, faction members can access the car bomb shop by driving to the shop.

You can access the car bomb shop for 24 hours by paying 2,000 f-points. Even if the business is closed or out of stock, you can purchase car bombs at their regular price.

Additions and Changes

- State Lottery stats are now logged and saved for future use (ie fun stats)
- The price of bombs to detonate businesses have been reduced by 30%.
- You can no longer join events if your faction is in a war.
- /car forceout will no longer work if the vehicle is occupied
- Drug Production can now be accessed by every faction with f-points. [details to follow]
- Car Bomb Shops can now be accessed using f-points. [details to follow]
- Drug Labs may now have an entrance fee of up to $50k
- When taking over a turf, the participants will be listed
- Faction leaders (tier 0) and team leaders (tier 0) now may use /car tow on their faction/team cars
- Added “N” hotkey for the commands /buycomps and /sellcomps
- Vehicle fuel capacity and consumption now varies, depending on the vehicle model
- Refueling a vehicle now shows the refilling progress
- Added 5 more petrol station businesses (to be auctioned / given away)
- The maximum price for a weapon license has been reduced to $8m (from $16m)
- You will now be notified if someone adds or removes you as friend (/friends)
- The cooldown for using /close when in war and being recently shot has been reduced to 2 minutes (from 5 minutes)
- You can now hide state lottery messages using “/togstatelot”
- The money reward for Burrito gun/bullet stock filling has been increased from $25k to $60k
- The default spawn/newbie spawn has been placed back to Unity Station
- Alliance members will now be notified if a member of their alliance is attempting to take over a turf. Additionally, a turf ID will be shown in the turf take-over notifications.
- Added a command to set a checkpoint to a given turf (/traceturf )
- Using /car tow will now also list vehicles you have dupe-keys for
- /rplate will now display the date and time the ticket has been given
- You can now specify your own url for /radiostation and /ipod
- If you hacked the Police MDC, you may now also check the wanted list. (/wlist)
- Bailing out of the jail has been made less expensive; you now must pay $60k/minute if you wish to get bailed out by a lawyer. (previously $100k/minute)
- Removed the Sniper Arena from paintball
- Added a hit-sound for players in paintball
- Added a /wiretransfer command to replace the laptop wiretransfer method; additionally, the wire-transfer limit has been increased to $200m/transfer. As a reminder, there is still a 1% fee for wire-transfers as they can be made anywhere at any time.
- Added /handlereport (/hr) command for admins; notifies players and admins if an admin takes care of a given /report
- Added /reports for admins to see a list of unhandled reports
- You can now specify your own color code for faction- and group messages. (/settings)

Bug Fixes

- /sellgun and /carbomb will now trigger Just Spawned removal
- Drug effects will now stop if you die
- You can no longer rob another warehouse if the previous warehouse robbery is not completed yet
- Trailers will no longer respawn if they contain lead/metal or are attached to a truck
- If being tazed while robbing a house, the house robbery will fail
- Fixed low level players being anti-cheat banned in Mini Missions
- Player-owned vehicles cannot be towed anymore if they contain lead/metal/crates/..
- /sms will also no longer work if a person has blocked your number (/blocknumber)
- Fixed /car fix not giving the correct amount of health if the faction perk to armour cars is enabled
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Script Update 7.3.0 [29/07/2020]
July 29th, 2020, 12:36 pm

- Bicycle speed limit has been slightly increased and bicycle prices have been reduced
- Banks can now be robbed just like normal businesses; requires 8 online law enforcers, 8 robbers and the cash prize varies between $800k and $2.5m
- All automated hourly business income have been increased. Details below.
- Casinos: Slot machines max wager has been increased to $500k (previously $250k)
- Added King, Queen & Jack cards to blackjack
- Increased turf sizes of some special turfs
- Admin command adjustments

Hourly business income
Every business has a base income of $14000/hour, where some kind of businesses earn more:
- $19500/hr for 24/7, Clothes Stores, Hardware Stores
- $23500/hr for Bars / Restaurants / ..
- $29500/hr for Casinos
- $25000/hr for Petrol Stations
- $12500/hr for Vehicle Dealerships

If a business is closed, it will earn 10% of the hourly pay.
If a business owner is offline, it will earn 25% of the hourly pay.

If a business is in a turf, 5% of the hourly pay will be removed and placed into the turf owners faction bank.


- Added stocks profit/loss in the profile overview page
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