Hello, thar!
I quit
October 28th, 2022, 12:47 pm
After owning the server for nearly 13 years, it's time for me to move on. I no longer have any interest in IMRP or SA:MP. 

While I could silently keep the server running in the background, I rather just get rid of the responsibility now. There is just no motivation or interest anymore to manage the server, script the gamemode, the daily forum PMs, Discord messages, complaints, needs – after all these years it's just become a burden and is not fun at all any longer.

Huge thanks to the admins and helpers in the past and now for their contribution to IMRP. I could write a long story about how IMRP/SA:MP was a significant factor in my life, all the important moments and things learned. I'm grateful and thankful I had the opportunity to run this server and community. Managing IMRP has made me learn plenty of things over the course of the years, but right now, there are more interesting things to do for me.

What's next for IMRP?
I don't know yet. I can't think of any person who has the knowledge, ability, motivation, is neutral and liked by the community to run the server in its entirety. There is much more to it than you may think. Please don't message me to suggest yourself, your friend or your mother, that decision is only up to me. I want the best for IMRP, and it's a tough decision. I will take a decision within a few days.

Rest assured, the server will stay online and running. I might pop in once a while just for the nostalgia and to see what's new.

Thank you and see you in-game sometime :)
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Recent bans(spreadfix)
September 2nd, 2022, 7:27 pm

After yesterday's ban wave for the spreadfix inside NoShadows.ASI - Management PMs have been blowing up to ask about duration, updates, leniency and what not....so we'll be adressing everything in this topic.

A player has released GTA that had nospread inside a normal asi mod without knowing which was downloaded by many players here who have ended up being banned for it, I understand how it could've been an oversight due to this specific spreadfix is not easily noticeable while playing - At the end of the day, it is still an illegal modification and falls under "your pc, your responsibility" you should be responsible of what you download and add to your game, I know it is asking too much actually having to de-compile every .asi mod and check if it has cheats injected in it, specially if you are not great at computers, but it is your responsibility to be careful and make sure you have a clean game while playing in our server.

This will be a one time exception and a warning at the same time, do not download a random GTA without double-checking it properly, any usage of illegal modifications will be treated same as any other, we will NOT make any further exceptions.

Below is the list of how the current ban-wave of NoShadows(spreadfix) will be treated, no other bans.

Publisher of the GTA will be getting full 1 year ip-ban.

Players who have re-named the file to be sneaky will be getting full 1 year ip-ban.

Players with cheating history will be getting 4 months ip-ban.
Igy_Falcone [size=65]12.09.2020 [IP BAN] by Makke. Reason: HitSound (Cleo)

Jason_Verderaz 15.11.2019 [IP BAN] by woot. Reason: CLEO cheats (spread)

Players with no cheating history will be getting 2 months ip-ban.

Full 1 year ip-ban due to being caught with aimbot aswell

If your name is in the list above, then only appeal at the given date and not earlier!
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Xmas Giftbox Hunt 2021
December 14th, 2021, 3:50 am
Xmas is in less than 2 weeks and that means it's time for the Xmas Event on Italy Mafia - the giftbox hunt is returning.

From 14.12.2021 and until January 1st, you can earn rewards and gifts ranging from in-game money to materials, name changes, premium memberships, unique vehicles and much more.

Click [url=http://forum.sa-mp.im/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=186911]here[/url] to read the full details on the Xmas Event:

A minor change was made to the event this year; if you unwrap a large surprise box (420 candies) there's a small chance you find a "secret voucher". At the end of this event, we have an unique prize: a patriot (untradeable) for the player that has the most secret vouchers collected.
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