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Script Update 7.3.0 [29/07/2020]
July 29th, 2020, 12:36 pm

- Bicycle speed limit has been slightly increased and bicycle prices have been reduced
- Banks can now be robbed just like normal businesses; requires 8 online law enforcers, 8 robbers and the cash prize varies between $800k and $2.5m
- All automated hourly business income have been increased. Details below.
- Casinos: Slot machines max wager has been increased to $500k (previously $250k)
- Added King, Queen & Jack cards to blackjack
- Increased turf sizes of some special turfs
- Admin command adjustments

Hourly business income
Every business has a base income of $14000/hour, where some kind of businesses earn more:
- $19500/hr for 24/7, Clothes Stores, Hardware Stores
- $23500/hr for Bars / Restaurants / ..
- $29500/hr for Casinos
- $25000/hr for Petrol Stations
- $12500/hr for Vehicle Dealerships

If a business is closed, it will earn 10% of the hourly pay.
If a business owner is offline, it will earn 25% of the hourly pay.

If a business is in a turf, 5% of the hourly pay will be removed and placed into the turf owners faction bank.


- Added stocks profit/loss in the profile overview page
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Script Update 7.2.0 [19/04/2020]
April 19th, 2020, 6:27 am

- Faction run rewards have been increased:

- sellguncrates: $37k => $80k profit
- sellbulletcrates: $25k => $60k profit

- Warehouses robberies will now earn you 75 fpoints (previously 15)
- 2 factor authentication implementation
- Admin logging improvements
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Forum rollback
April 19th, 2020, 2:52 am
Due to an admin account breach, the forum was rolled back to an update about ~16 hours earlier. Forum posts made in that timespan were lost.
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