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IM-RP Script Update / August 1
August 1st, 2019, 12:56 pm

It's been a while since the last update, but now it's here. Read through the list below to see what's new. This update will go live today.
More suggestions and bugfixes will be scripted and deployed throughout the next days and weeks.

Have fun!

# Gunshop Quickbuy
Added quick buy for gun shops, similar to the law enforcement Quick Equip.
Use /quickbuy to configure a pre-set of weapons to buy at once.
Once inside a gunshop, you can use /buy and select the first option (Quick Buy) to quickly purchase the set of your favorite, configured weapons.

# Faction Gun Stock
Faction guns from Burrito runs can now be also unloaded into faction-owned houses.
When in a loaded Burrito, use /fillstock at either your HQ or at your faction-owned house. Every faction house has a hard-limit capacity of 1000.
The current stock can be seen with "/faction houses". Members with the appropriate authority can use "/fstocktog " to toggle the stock open/closed.
Just like at their HQ, members can use /ftakegun inside faction-owned houses.

# New players
Since new players have a hard time getting started into the economy, low level players now have some advantages to make starting off on the server easier.
Players below level 10: free /car park, free /clothes, reduced death fee ($2k)
Players below level 5: free /car park, free /clothes, no death fee
Additionally, the income for these jobs have been increased: Garbage Man (+30%), Farmer (+30%), Trucker (+20%)

# Turfs
Turfs are an important factor on IM. Starting this update, turfs can be taken over even if nobody of the current owning faction is online. However, the alliance of the owning faction will also be notified if a turf is being taken over.

Additionally, turfs become more valuable: Cars parked in your turf now earn the owner $7.5k (previously $1.5k) and you will earn 5% of the hourly income of all businesses in your turf, rather than only taxing the unloading of money.

Furthermore, if a business in your turf is being robbed, you will be alerted so you can go and protect it.

# Destroying businesses using explosives
As of this update, faction leaders (tier 0) can go to a specialized explosives store (biz id 346) and purchase expensive explosives.

Depending on the type and strength of explosive you buy, the effects on the attacked business vary, from being closed down from 4 to 24 hours.
Once the explosive was purchased, the leader must, together with 4 faction members, plant the explosive (/plantbomb), fuse it and wait for it to detonate.
Failing to deploy the explosive will result in loss of the explosive.

Anybody entering the business may attempt to defuse the bomb (/defusebomb) if they are fast enough and not be killed.
The person owning the business will be informed immediately when a bomb is being planted, the faction will be informed 50% into planting and LEA are informed only after the business has been destroyed.

If a business was destroyed by an explosion, it cannot be entered and thus no products can be purchased. Depending on the explosive used, the business also loses components and cash in the till.

Dynamite sticks cost $2m, resulting in 4 hour closure, 5% comps and cash destruction, earns 20 fpoints
C4 Bombs cost $5m, resulting in 12 hour closure, 15% comps and cash destruction, earns 40 fpoints
TNT blocks cost $10m, resulting in 24 hour closure, 25% comps and cash destruction, earns 80 fpoints

# Lawyer Job
The lawyer job has been reworked and will hopefully be used more now.

Every IC arrested player can be bailed out of jail. The default bail corresponds to $100k per 1 minute of jail time remaining. Lawyers can't bail themselves out.
As a lawyer, you can use /bail to see currently jailed prisoners, see their remaining jail time, jail reason and cost to bail. You may then offer to bail this person out. Depending on your job skill (how many people you have bailed out previously) you will get a higher cut of the bail. Your job skill increases by 1 every time somebody accepts your offer to bail them out.

The “/service lawyer” command stays and will now hinted to any player that gets arrested. All online lawyers will receive a notification when somebody uses this command. The lawyer must be near the police jail cells to offer a to bail somebody out of prison, thus requires cooperation with the Police Department.
Below the job skill tree, based on an example where you are helping a prisoner that has 25 minutes of jail time remaining. For 25 minutes, the prisoner always needs to pay (25 * $100k) = $2.5million.

- 0 to 10 bails, earns 4% of the bail. => Lawyer earns (4% of $2.5m) = $100,000
- 11 to 20 bails, earns 5% of the bail. => Lawyer earns (5% of $2.5m) = $125,000
- 21 to 50 bails, earns 6% of the bail. => Lawyer earns (6% of $2.5m) = $150,000
- 51+ bails, earns 7% of the bail. => Lawyer earns (7% of $2.5m) = $175,000

# Faction Runs
The Maverick run (loading and unloading bullet crates) has been relocated and changed so it is more easy and comfortable to complete. Use /loadbulletcrates to be directed to the new place. Make sure you arrive with a Maverick helicopter.
Additionally, a new turf has been created surrounding the place to load bullet crates. The faction owning this turf will get a 5% discount on bullet crate purchases, receive 5% of all income generated by bullet crates and earn 2 f-points for every purchase.

The Maverick runs to load and unload gun crates has been removed and replaced by Squallo runs. Restocking the shared guns warehouse with gun crates now requires more effort (boat and land transport) but will also be rewarded with more faction points.
Use the command /loadguncrates to be navigated to the correct place. Instructions on how to complete the run will be given as you progress.

A turf surrounding the place to load gun crates is now available. The owner of this turf pays 5% less for all gun crate purchases, receives 5% of all income generated by gun crate purchases and earns 2 f-points for every purchase.

# Changelog

Vehicles that have been impounded for more than 15 days without a set fee can be automatically unimpounded for $50k.
- You can now us /car trace to find your car while automatically updating the location of it on your radar.
- In business robberies, faction members can now walk further away anywhere in the business and don't have to stay at the entrance.
- Added /showphone to request access to somebody's sms/call logs. (similar to /showradio)
- Everything you /give and receive is now logged and visible in the UCP.
- Added /giveammo to give somebody ammo of the weapon you are currently holding. The other player must be holding the same weapon.
- Added a hitsound when you get hit by a sniper rifle. (for sync issues)
- Restockers can now order up to 600 comps rather than the previous 300
- /traceplate for the PD will now automatically update the vehicle position regularly
- When using /fbk inside a house or interior, the marker for backup will be placed in the entrance.
- Factions will now earn 15 f-points when robbing a warehouse
- Factions will now earn 5 f-points when robbing a business whose owner is in a faction
- Factions will now earn 2 f-points when robbing a house whose owner is in a faction
- Factions will now earn 2 f-points when taking over a turf
- Tier 1 faction members can now manage faction-owned cars: respray, register, paintjob, park, savemod, unmod, gps
- Police MDC may now only be used when sitting inside a LEA-owned vehicle
- Players can no longer enter garages when they are the mini mission task holder
- Increased toll gate opening time if a vehicle has an attached trailer
- Police MDC may now be hacked by purchasing a specialized tool in hardware stores. Activate it when you sit in a LEA-owned vehicle by using /hackmdc and complete the challenge. If successful, you are able to use /mdc and /rplate for a short period of time.
- Shamal airplane can now be entered as passenger. It can hold up to 6 passengers.
- Using /rob will now display how many seconds you need to wait until you can rob again
- You may now block phone numbers from calling you using /blocknumber. Use the command again to unblock the number.
- Houses may now have gates! Please note that gates will only be placed to houses that have a perfect spot for a gate, no additional maps or objects will be spawned. The price charged for a gate depends on the lead administrator placing it. The gate can be controlled by the house owner and any dupe key owner that has the permission to open and close the house doors.
- Added /accremove to remove an accessory in a specific slot.
- Added head admin+ command to quickly reset/wipe a faction (/resetfaction)
- Factions in wars may now change up to 2 tier 1 members during war. All other tier changes remain restricted.
- Shooting at a player that is cuffed no longer inflicts damage on them.
- Molotov Cocktails can now be crafted from 30,000 materials.
- Received offline private messages will now display the date and time of when they have been sent.
- The server will now automatically restart every morning at 5:05am server time to fix sa-mp bugs that occur after X days of uptime
- Added /takeguns to quickly take out all weapons from a vehicle.
- House materials locker can now be upgraded one more level to store more materials.
- Using /clothes as LEA now shows the skin selection UI.
- Clicking on a player in tablist for details will now also show their FPS
- Added admin command /lastdmg to see last inflicted damage on a player
- Mechanics fixing your vehicle will now also fix the lock if you are the owner of the vehicle.
- You can now stop up to your last 3 used vehicles from respawning when an admin/faction/team is respawning all vehicles (/stoprespawn)
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Server Suggestions open
July 25th, 2019, 9:51 am
If you have that one amazing suggestion in your mind, here's your chance to post it and see what others think.
Anything from script suggestions, gameplay, faction and community structural changes are welcome.

While there haven't been many changes in the past months, I've made myself a promise and will spend a few hours a week updating the game mode for those that still stick to SA-MP. :ugeek:

Old suggestions from 2017 and previously have been archived. If you think it's still relevant you can find a link in the archive and include it in your post.

Explain your idea thoroughly.

- Reminder to include a poll with yes/no options.
- Only one suggestion/idea per thread.
- Use the proper categories.

[url=http://forum.sa-mp.im/viewforum.php?f=16]Suggestions go here[/url]

Votes low-post forum accounts are not considered.
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Weapon Licenses / Update
June 17th, 2019, 1:15 am
A weapon license for everyone

Since getting a weapon license was recently changed and taken badly by the majority, we've changed the way you get your weapon license.

Anyone can apply for a weapon license inside the Police Department (in-game) for $500k and receive it instantly.
If your license gets revoked or has 3 infractions, you need to wait 1 week before you can buy a new one. The second weapon license will cost $1 million.

If your license gets revoked again, you need to wait 2 weeks before you can buy a new one. From now on, the cool-down will always be 2 weeks in case your license gets revoked.

The third license will cost $2 million. The fourth one $4 milliion, the fifth $8 million and if you manage to get it revoked 5 times, your sixth and every further weapon license will cost $16m.

Changing your name revokes your current license, but does not apply a cooldown. If you change your name, you can head to the PD immediately and buy a new license.

There is no way to reset the application count, even if you change your name.

People who already have a weapon license prior to this update and lose it, may apply immediately for a new license without any cooldown - which will count as their first application.

In the near future, PD will be able to blacklist or extend the cooldown for certain people if they have a very good reason for that, for a maximum of an additional 2 weeks.

Additionally, the following updates are now live:

- Weapon licenses may now be purchased in-game (/weaponlicense)
- Sniper Rifle is now available in faction gun stock (cost: 5)
- Faction leaders (T0, T1) can now configure for members to spawn in a faction-owned house rather than the HQ (/faction settings)
- Replaced various /drop.. commands into one command; /drop
- Clicking on a business in /mybusinesses now shows the cashflow
- Vehicles that were toolkitted open can not be locked anymore until fixed at a PNS.
- Automated /ame for Burrito gun/bullet runs
- Robbing businesses now always takes exactly 2 minutes (cops notified after 10 seconds, owner/faction after 1 minute)
- Robbing business cooldown has been reduced from 12 to 8 hours
- Law enforcers may now purchase an adrenaline shot for $50k (identical to heroin), max 1, non-saveable, use-able at any time
- Law enforcers may now customize their /givegun quick equip. (/givegun config)
- Bugfixes
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