Hello, thar!
Helper apps [CLOSED]
Helper Applications are now open. We are looking for fresh helper(s) who have the motivation and time to help players, feel free to apply.

Multi-mod tools
We're aware that the multi-mods don't work. We are looking at possible fixes or new versions of the extension.

To illegals; you probably don't care, but I received 3 messages about this in the last 12 hours so I'm publishing this for everyone.

We know they don't work - they were made for the old version of phpbb and no new version was made, so we're looking at our options for something new.

I think it's tiresome to move threads manually as well and copy formats, don't worry.
We do NOT give out Dynamic Teleports
We have stopped creating new dynamic teleports for houses and businesses unless they're faction related or necessary for something important.

Important as in a faction that actually roleplay and will use the teleports for something creative

This is primarily aimed at players requesting teleports for their houses.

In addition we do not do teleports from outside an interior, to inside. Examples of these are roof teleports and 'backdoor' teleports.