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Halloween 2021 Event
Yesterday, 3:38 am
IM:RP Halloween Event 2021

Starting today and until November 4th, Italy Mafia is hosting a Halloween Event. Full details: http://forum.sa-mp.im/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=186065
Additionally, there will be a chance to win 55 EUR of account balance for those that collected the most candies during these 2 weeks.

10 x 55 EUR account balance giveaway

At the end of the Halloween Event on November 4th, we will pick 10 random winners out of the top 50 players with the most candies earned during this event. 10 players will be picked randomly using random.org (recorded, video will be uploaded publicly)

This is the total amount of candies earned throughout the event, even if you redeemed them. You do not need to keep the candies for this.

10 players can win 55 EUR account balance each; to be used only on sa-mp.im for premium membership or premium items. The account balance can not be withdrawn, exchanged or traded for real money, but you may transfer the balance to other players.

The current top player stats will be posted periodically in this thread.
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Script Update 7.6.1 [15/09/2021]
September 15th, 2021, 7:17 am

- Removed hourly faction payments from UCP Faction logs
- Factions owning turfs will earn 1 fpoint per turf owned every paytime (2 fpoints for the special turfs)
- /d radio & /em will no longer hide the player name if name off
- Added a setting in /house settings to allow tenants to control the house-gate, if it has one
- When taking over a turf, the message sent to the faction will display what player used the command
- When taking over a turf successfully, the turf tax rate will be reset to the default rate (10%)
- Added a /turftaxall command for faction t0s to set the turf tax of all faction-owned turfs to a specific percentage
- Disabled commands while in war just spawned mode: /jointable, /b, /s, /r, local chat, /me, /ame, /pm, /t, /g, /action, /f
- Friends can still /pm you and you can /pm them if you have private messages disabled
- /friend list will now display the friends forum names (easier to identify friends name changes)
- Changed /services pricing
- You can now use /faq to read a specific FAQ
- /rentroom will now set a checkpoint to the nearest rentable house
- Added vehicle registration business at the airport
- War: Increased death fee for tier 3 members to $100k (from $70k)
- Added Division System for legal factions


- Bugfix: /unblindfold was not working for civilians
- Bugfix: Too long helper chat messages were not displayed
- Bugfix: Could bypass driving test checkpoints with various checkpoint commands
- Bugfix: House gates will now be also deleted if a house gets deleted


- /asetrank available for Lead+
- Admins are now assigned to player reports (except war violation) and their pending reports in the UCP
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Script Update 7.6 [14/12/2020]
December 14th, 2020, 1:52 pm

- State Lottery: Players over level 40 are now excluded from “poor people”
- Players that own more businesses than they have slots now pay $50,000/hour/biz tax on every excess business they own
- Players that own more houses than they have slots now pay $20,000/hour/house tax on every excess house they own
- Added functionality to count warring players play-time excluding time spent in interiors
- When attempting to unimpound a vehicle, the impound date will be shown to the player
- You can now sell your EUR balance to other players using /sell (to avoid scams)
- Helper: Added !anc !dnc !nclist to Discord
- Increased the size of special turfs
- /floadguns will not work if the special turf is being taken over
- Faction skins are no longer bound to ethnicity/gender; they can be used by any member
- Added a /faction help command that displays all faction commands
- FPoints earned from defending turfs are now in faction logs
- Added a petrol station inside the LS & SF Airports
- Fixed bug where business duplicate keys could not be created/modified
- Fixed a random /heal spot near the car lot
- Fixed barriers cannot be managed after server restart
- Added a proper error message for /unblindfold
- Fixed a bug which allowed warring participants to heal while they're in the same interior as their opponent

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