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Weapon Licenses / Update
June 17th, 2019, 1:15 am
A weapon license for everyone

Since getting a weapon license was recently changed and taken badly by the majority, we've changed the way you get your weapon license.

Anyone can apply for a weapon license inside the Police Department (in-game) for $500k and receive it instantly.
If your license gets revoked or has 3 infractions, you need to wait 1 week before you can buy a new one. The second weapon license will cost $1 million.

If your license gets revoked again, you need to wait 2 weeks before you can buy a new one. From now on, the cool-down will always be 2 weeks in case your license gets revoked.

The third license will cost $2 million. The fourth one $4 milliion, the fifth $8 million and if you manage to get it revoked 5 times, your sixth and every further weapon license will cost $16m.

Changing your name revokes your current license, but does not apply a cooldown. If you change your name, you can head to the PD immediately and buy a license at the same price as your current one.

There is no way to reset the application count, even if you change your name.

People who already have a weapon license prior to this update and lose it, may apply immediately for a new license without any cooldown - which will count as their first application.

In the near future, PD will be able to blacklist or extend the cooldown for certain people if they have a very good reason for that, for a maximum of an additional 2 weeks.


Additionally, the following updates are now live:

- Weapon licenses may now be purchased in-game (/weaponlicense)
- Sniper Rifle is now available in faction gun stock (cost: 5)
- Faction leaders (T0, T1) can now configure for members to spawn in a faction-owned house rather than the HQ (/faction settings)
- Replaced various /drop.. commands into one command; /drop
- Clicking on a business in /mybusinesses now shows the cashflow
- Vehicles that were toolkitted open can not be locked anymore until fixed at a PNS.
- Automated /ame for Burrito gun/bullet runs
- Robbing businesses now always takes exactly 2 minutes (cops notified after 10 seconds, owner/faction after 1 minute)
- Robbing business cooldown has been reduced from 12 to 8 hours
- Law enforcers may now purchase an adrenaline shot for $50k (identical to heroin), max 1, non-saveable, use-able at any time
- Law enforcers may now customize their /givegun quick equip. (/givegun config)
- Bugfixes
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Forcing Properties to avoid Limit
September 27th, 2018, 7:46 pm
Previously it has been possible to get a business or house forced in your name, despite not having the necessary slots to own the given property - we no longer do that.

If you win an auction, you must have the required slots before you can actually obtain the property you purchased.
The same thing applies to properties purchased in-game. If you have 10 businesses and want another one, but only have 6 slots, you will have to sell 5 businesses to purchase your new business.

In some instances, we may disregard the limit, but do not expect it - you will need a very good reason for us to do so.
Players exceeding the limit will not lose their properties.

This decision has been made to allow those with no businesses or houses to be able to obtain one, and to avoid hoarders who simply want to own everything with no regard for active players who want to actually use the properties to either gain money or roleplay with their (un)official factions.

This is not open for discussion.
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Radios and "public" Frequencies
July 16th, 2018, 11:13 pm
Unfortunately, it has reached a point where we once again need to point out that radios are IN CHARACTER means of communication.
That means you can not react to OOC actions such as players being kicked, killed because it shows up on the kill list, or generally comment on OOC situations on the radio.

Radios are only meant to communicate and organize with your friends, factions or contacts. We have the global OOC function if we believe you can handle talking across the server.
In addition to that function we added groups, and later teams for you to organize across factions and unofficials. You can use them to talk about anything you want - it's up to you.

We will begin cracking down on this on a much larger scale from tonight as it's something all staff members, and many faction leaders have had issues with in the past.

Mixing is a general issue on the server, and this is the first step we will take to limit that problem.
We're all guilty, and we've all done it. Let's look forward now and actually get better.

Initially we will issue kicks or 60 minutes mute on players who abuse the function, repeated offenses may result in /warnings or worse punishments.
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