Hello, thar!
IM Development
Hi everyone,

I'm happy to announce that IM's development will become active again.

King_Hual is a good friend & very experienced programmer - he also coded the launcher - he will deal with server suggestions & bug reports in the future, so expect awesome updates. Allow him some time to get into the code and then start working on it.

Lifting old IP bans
In the past 3 years, we have issued 33000 IP bans. All IP bans which were made before 18.10.2014 have been lifted now. If you were banned longer than one year ago, you are welcome to play again.

We believe that after one entire year you will most likely have changed your mind and your attitude.

Note that accounts were not unbanned. If you would like to play again, you're welcome to submit a ban appeal, chances are high that you will be unbanned if you were banned before 18.10.2014, no matter for what reason.

If you however are that kind of person that evaded 10 times and kept cheating throughout the time, you shouldn't even bother posting an appeal.

We hope anyone that is affected by this unban wave makes good use of it.

26600 IP bans have been lifted. Submit ban appeals for your account here, admins will handle them as soon as possible.
Suggestions are open once more!
Yes, you heard it right.

You can now post your suggestions again, and this time with much more structure.
I added several categories for you to post your suggestions in, so we can close suggestions for just one or a few categories instead of all together!

Please remember the simple guidelines for suggestions and make sure you provide enough detail for us to work with.
Your idea may be good, but if you do not give us the necessary details we won't consider implementing it.

Follow the below rules if you wish to post a thread!
  • Don't bother posting if you know yourself the idea is incomplete.
    • Creative and informative title!
    • Plenty of details!
    • Suggestion for commands! (If required)
    • Pros and cons are a must!
  • Don't bother suggesting changes which everyone would hate.
  • Don't bother suggesting to move to a new city. The server stays in Los Santos.
  • Do not ever dare forum PMing staff to look at your suggestion.
    • We look at sugggestions once a while and we feel free to deny/accept suggestions without any comment.
  • Add a poll! Not doing so will get your suggestion automatically denied!
  • Use the categories! It's not very difficult!