Hello, thar!
Stats Rollback
Unfortunately, due to a server bug, all stats have been reverted to9th of May at 18h00.
All your stats and properties are exactly the same as they were on 9th of May at 18h00.

We will not issue any kind of property transfers; If you bought a property in the last 3 days you need to contact the previous owner again. It's as if the sale never happened. You still have your money, and the previous owner still owns it.

There will not be any "refunds" of any kind. There is nothing to refund, because everybody has the exact same stats as they had 3 days ago. This includes levels, rpoints, money, everything.

The only refunds that are given are real-money account topups (this will be done within the next 24 hours)
Forum Moderators
Good afternoon,

I have just decided to remove the forum moderator group and will soon be dishing out the tasks to server helpers.
Perhaps I may redo the forum moderator another time, but right now it doesn't work.

I just realized how little attention was paid to their good work and how much attention was paid to their bad actions.
Unfortunately there was a reason most forum moderators were being disliked, so instead of trying to fix something that's bad to the bone, I will simply remove it.

Thank you to the few forum moderators who did an outstanding job without doing bad when noone was looking.

Your ping & Canada
You may have noticed the server was moved to Canada, causing a higher ping for the majority of us.

For the love of jesus, do not cry about your ping. Ping is absolutely not a major factor in SA:MP, even with 300ms ping you can play the game without noticing any lag.

SA:MP is not a precision FPS shooter, your ping is unimportant. The only important thing that makes your connection wobbly is the packetloss; as long as you don't have a PL of 5%+, you are absolutely fine.

Do not cry about your ping; try it out before you complain about it. Alternatively, don't play here.

Have fun!