Hello, thar!
Recent Map Purge

Due to the recent purge of custom maps, some business interiors got lost.
Please create a bug report containing your business ID and the interior you would like it changed to.
You must also /CLOSE your business if it does not have an interior, as it could be interpreted as bug abusing to run around in an empty world.

Be fair when asking for an interior - please choose one that fits. If you ask for a Café interior in a 24/7 business, it won't be done.
Same goes for club interiors in restaurants etc.

If your custom house was also removed due to the map purge, create a bug report as well.

If you create a false bug report, you will be suspended for 164 hours.
Mapping purge
In order to decrease lag, I will start deleting old/ugly/unneeded maps. I will obviously not delete your entire house if your house is entirely mapped. If you only have fancy flowers outside expect them to be removed soon. You will not be compensated for it.
Unimpounded Vehicles

Brief announcement for this weekend only.
I will remove vehicles left at the Impound Lot during this weekend. (30-01-2015 - 01-02-2015)
You will receive a warning in-game every time I do this, and you will have approximately 1 hour to retrieve your unimpounded vehicle before I delete it. I will obviously /o the time before I delete cars.

That means, if your vehicle is impounded, as in you did not pay the fee yet, your vehicle is safe.
If you paid the fee and left your vehicle at the impound lot, as in you did not repark it after paying the fee, it will be deleted.

Every time I announce this, members in the war may go to Los Santos and retrieve their vehicle if applicable.
I can not OOC mode everyone during this, so freedom under responsibility. If you're caught doing anything else by an admin, you will be temporarily suspended for 2 hours.

Faction cars will not be deleted.
Offline players' vehicles will obviously not be deleted either.

Still don't get it? http://puu.sh/feVcF/87b87bf79b.png