Hello, thar!
Server Documentation

Quick announcement for your benefit; Server Documentation is now updated!
Thanks to past and current helpers, we've finally finished documenting all server features, though some are still to come.

It's a project I started a long time ago, but no-one seemed to finish the threads they started on.
Now most of them are finished, with exception of a few and they're here to teach and inform you.

The documentation threads are quick and nifty if you forgot how to do X or Y.

Thanks to everyone who contributed!
Helper applications now open
We're looking for some more motivated community members that want to help evolve; Helper applications are now open.
We'll pick people over time. Applications won't be open for long.


We'll contact you if you are chosen, do not ask admins or helpers about your application status.

Good luck.
Oversized/flashy weapon textures

Today we have decided to disallow usage of over sized and flashy weapon/skin textures.

The rule will be active from now on. We will start punishing people if they still have these kind of mods from 02.04.2015 onwards. This will give you enough time to uninstall these mods.

Some examples below:


if you want know if "xy" is allowed - show pictures, please.