Hello, thar!
Your ping & Canada
You may have noticed the server was moved to Canada, causing a higher ping for the majority of us.

For the love of jesus, do not cry about your ping. Ping is absolutely not a major factor in SA:MP, even with 300ms ping you can play the game without noticing any lag.

SA:MP is not a precision FPS shooter, your ping is unimportant. The only important thing that makes your connection wobbly is the packetloss; as long as you don't have a PL of 5%+, you are absolutely fine.

Do not cry about your ping; try it out before you complain about it. Alternatively, don't play here.

Have fun!
Mapped Houses & Businesses
Hi there,

Some people contacted me about house and business maps, some wanted something added and others wanted their map removed.
To clarify the mapping situation; no, we do not add any custom house or business maps right now nor is there a plan to do so.

However, if you have small adjustments or need a map to fix a bug that is in the game because Rockstar Games didn't finish everything completely, send me a PM with what you want added. But ONLY if it's to fix a bug or a glitch - complete makeovers will NOT be accepted, don't send it. I don't want it.

In regards to currently mapped locations such as a Richman houses and some businesses; yes. I can remove the maps for you provided you own the entire property/building. This doesn't include the premium houses in Ganton, Willowfield or the 'islands' in east and west Los Santos. If they are to be removed, it'll be an administrative decision but it's not being planned.

If you want a map removed from your property create a support ticket with the following information:
  • House/Business ID
  • Screenshot
  • Reason for wanted it removed

DDoS attacks

as you may have noticed, some people have gotten super jelly and keep DDoS attacking us.

Unfortunately the current datacenter isn't very responsive so I'll be moving both the server & the website to a new location within the next few days.

Be patient and look out for the new server IP which will be announced here.