Hello, thar!
Staff changes
We're aware that the server staff has been a mess in the past few months. A few radical changes have been made based on your & the managements' opinion.

Larry has been removed as admin as well as Jackson, Miller have been removed as helpers due to their behavior.

Carlito as you may have heard is now helping as Head of Illegal Factions, but he's now also a Lead Admin.
I'm also happy to announce Nino is coming back as Lead Admin.

Resini, Andre and ThaCrypte have also been promoted due to their great work in the past months.

A few more trial admins and new helpers will also be added shortly.

We'll see how it goes from here and make more changes over time.
SANBay is now open
Hello community!

SANBay is now open for business and will be moderated by community administrators and server helpers until further notice.
Some individuals who receive a special invite, or members of the SAN faction if it gets reopened will also be moderating the section.

Please respect the rules and be sure that you will be punished if you do not follow the correct formats and so on.

Use the categories as well, or you will receive a forum warning/suspension if you continue to misplace your actions.

Please remove ALL auctions from Word on the Street.
If they are not removed within a few days, they will be archived!

Posting RL Pictures of Other Users

I would like to make it widely known that any posting of another user's real life pictures without consent is against the rules, and will result in a 2 week suspension of your forum account. Continuous violation of this rule will result in 1 month IP ban from the forums, and possible deactivation of your forum account.

Editing real life pictures by adding dildos, backgrounds or layers to patronize or ridicule other users will lead to an immediate IP ban.
That is if the user does not consent or approve.

The user whose pictures were posted is the only person who can accept a lift of the ban before it is due.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.