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Hall of Fame 2015 - Results

MOST ACTIVE: Callum Rockefeller (23 votes)
MOST RESPECTED: Vincenzo Calvaresi (57 votes)
MOST IMAGINATIVE: Sly Carrone (21 votes)
BEST ROLEPLAYER: Tommy Cipriani (20 votes)
BEST DESIGNER: Christopher Coke (27 votes)
BEST SHOOTER: Jackson Pearce (24 votes)
BEST MAPPER: Callum Rockefeller (97 votes)
BEST DRIVER: Angelo DiNapoli (33 votes)
BEST PILOT: Cruz Gonzalez (66 votes)


SMARTEST CHARACTER: Luigi Tattaglia (44 votes)
MOST MYSTERIOUS CHARACTER: Quiss Nakano (25 votes)
MOST RESPECTED CHARACTER: Luigi Tattaglia (53 votes)
MOST INSPIRING CHARACTER: Valentino Cuneo (13 votes)
MOST FEARED CHARACTER: Luigi Tattaglia (29 votes)
MOST WANTED (by cops): Castor Troy (32 votes)
BEST MALE CHARACTER: Enzo Aprille (12 votes)
BEST FEMALE CHARACTER: Stella Rossini (44 votes)


BEST POLICE OFFICER: Frank Winton (32 votes)
BEST GANG ROLEPLAYER: Morgan Oak (29 votes)
BEST MAFIA ROLEPLAYER: Tommy Cipriani (21 votes)
BEST FACTION: Tattaglia (80 votes)
BEST LEADER: Luigi Tattaglia (49 votes)


BEST MANAGER: Carlito Tattaglia (58 votes)
BEST ADMIN: Roberto Rossini (73 votes)
BEST HELPER: Elio Lopez (31 votes)
MOST RESPECTED STAFF MEMBER: Vincenzo Calvaresi (44 votes)
MOST CONTRIBUTING STAFF MEMBER: Carlito Tattaglia (38 votes)
Government Elections
It is time!

The government elections are now open, and we urge everyone to cast their vote.
Remember that the government will be able to adjust laws and taxes, so your vote is not only a vote for a friend, but a vote for something that may have effect on you - and your wallet - in the long run.

Voting can be done here!

Voting is restricted to accounts above level 15, however you may vote multiple times with all of your accounts.
The results will be posted here, as well as in an in character thread on the 15th of January 2016 at 19:00.

The next elections will be in exactly 3 months, at which point the winner of this election will be allowed to candidate once more, should he want to.

Good luck to all candidates!!

// woot, Gustave & K3lroy

RESULTS - 15/01/2015

1) The Liberal Party - Sam Hunt (322 votes)
2) The Republican Party - Mason Gilroy (185 votes)
3) Los Santos Feedom Party - WIlliam Smith (126 votes)

Hall of Fame 2015 - Vote now!
Another year is over, and it's time to submit your votes for the best and favorite players of 2015.

You can vote now and change your votes at any time and how often you want until the 16th of January.
Votes will then be counted and we will make sure that everyone receive their respective titles!

Titles will be awarded in the form of badges on your public game account profile, so all visitors on your public profile here (Example) will be able to see it!

Voting is restricted to level 15 accounts and higher only.