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Fileserver issue
I am aware there is currently an issue with the file server, I'm awaiting a response from the datacenter.

Files are not lost, no worries.

In the meantime, use an alternative, such as www.imgur.com
Revised Turf System
Turf System - Revised
Update 06042015

Past situation
Previously, taking over turfs has been way too easy, and essentially boring if no enemies would appear. Just sitting around for 5 minutes doing nothing or just hiding. In order to overcome this, increase the value of turfs and making it harder to obtain turfs, the turf system has been changed.

How does it work?
As of the latest update (06042015), obtaining turfs has been changed. Instead of standing around, you have to move around. To take over a turf, you still need 5 members. The more members you have, the faster you will obtain a turf.

You no longer need to stand around closely next to each other but you only have to be in the turf.

To initiate a turf takeover, one person of the faction has to use the command /turf and then select Initiate takeover.
If there are at least 5 faction members in this turf, the turf takeover will begin.

There are always at least 25 checkpoints to visit. In case there are 5 members in this turf takeover, every member will have to visit 5 checkpoints. You always have exactly 45 seconds to visit the checkpoint - else the takeover will fail. Even if just one member fails to visit the checkpoint in time, the takeover will fail too.

The more businesses there are in a turf, the more it is worth, thus the more checkpoints you need to visit. If there are 20 businesses in the turf, you will need to visit a total of 25 + 20 checkpoints. That's 45 checkpoints for 5 players, meaning every player needs to visit 9 checkpoints and always has 45 seconds to do so.

Practical examples
Corleone wants to take over the Mall turf. The Mall turf has a lot of businesses, 32 to be exact. The base is 25 checkpoints, plus 32 checkpoints because there are 32 businesses. There are 57 checkpoints to visit in total.

Because Corleone is clever, they have brought 11 members into the turf to help.
This result is that every member only has to visit 57 / 11 = 6 checkpoints.

If all of the 11 members manage to go through the 6 checkpoints in 6*45 = 270 seconds (4.5 minutes), the turf takeover will succeed.

Corleone has this this unlucky member called Michael Corleone, the current turf owners saw him visiting various businesses; thus he has been shot down by the enemy - which results in Michael failing to visit his checkpoint within the 45 second mark. The turf takeover has failed because only one out of the 11 members failed to visit their turf.

In some cases it might be smarter to use a smaller amount of members in a turf takeover rather than many. This reduces the risk of being killed and the takeover failing. The disadvantage of this is that the few members have to visit much more checkpoints.

It's up to you what you think is the more clever approach.
Server Documentation

Quick announcement for your benefit; Server Documentation is now updated!
Thanks to past and current helpers, we've finally finished documenting all server features, though some are still to come.

It's a project I started a long time ago, but no-one seemed to finish the threads they started on.
Now most of them are finished, with exception of a few and they're here to teach and inform you.

The documentation threads are quick and nifty if you forgot how to do X or Y.

Thanks to everyone who contributed!