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Official IM ArmA 3 Server!
(posted by K3lroy April 19th, 2014, 1:06 pm)
IM Community's Patrol Operations 3 Server
Cooperative, combined arms tactical gameplay

Italy Mafia now have an official ArmA 3 server.
I've decided to open an ArmA 3 server as I'm addicted to the game, and I believe it has something new and refreshing to offer.

The server is run by me and Ozzy, and select people from the community will continuously be added to the team of players who help me run the server.
The gamemode we're running is Patrol Operations 3, which is a tactical gamemode where players cooperate to complete the randomly assigned tasks they're given.
There are over thirty different objectives that is assigned in a random order, however not one play-through is the same.

Patrol Ops 3 allow players to play as either CSAT, AAF or NATO forces (set by server admin).
You spawn at a military base with an array of vehicles at your disposal such as close air support aircraft, self-propelled artillery, attack helicopters and main battle tanks. Even transport trucks.

To make it all easier, I've quoted the gamemode feature list below for an easier overview.

    AI Movement
      - Ambushing positions
      - Defending positions including occupation of static defenses and nearby buildings
      - Randomly Patrolling Areas increasing likelihood off flanking attacks
      - In-game Visual Settings adjustment for View Distances and Terrain Detail
      - Active 3D Hud showing Squad Details
      - Assigned Colours also linked into ShackTac's HUD (ST_HUD Not Required)
      - 3D Hud use linked to the requirement of AR equipment such as Tactical Goggles and Pilot Helmets
      - Progress Bars displays status from task completion to Unit Healing
      - Unit Tracking and Squad member icons track your squad movements
    Ambient Weather Cycle (thanks to MeatBall)
    Base protection from players firing at base
    Map based Redeployment on killed or from base flag
      - HALO Redeploy options for Server Admin
      - Rallypoints allowing Redeployment to the field
    Alternate Injury system improving damage handling and injured/critical states
      - Dragging injured to cover
      - Providing tactical assistance to get the injured up and moving again
    Load-out management through Customised Ammoboxes based on assigned role (Overridden if VAS is chosen instead)
      - Optional use of Virutal Ammobox System by Tonic
    Logistics system allowing
      - Lift choppers capable of lifting lighter vehicles and supply boxes
      - Air Drop from lift choppers, ascend > 100m height to air-drop your load instead of landing in a HOT LZ
      - Drop Illumination Flares from Lift-choppers if >100m height
      - Create Supply boxes for infantry at supply points and airlift them to the front-line or load them on the back of trucks
      - Vehicle Towing by Large Trucks and CRVs
      - Loading allows tanks and shipping containers to be loaded onto trucks for faster deployment
      - Vehicle Resupply will repair, rearm and refuel your vehicle from supply points and supply vehicles
      - Multi-rotor UAV operators can replace batteries (refuel) in the field when landed
    Squad Management System (Admins Override all functions)
      - Team leaders can name their squad
      - Team leaders can assign roles to squad members such as AT,MG,Sniper which will affect their ammo-box load-outs
      - Team leaders can assign other members to their squads and elect squad leaders
      - Admins can replace a team leader by assigning other members as team leaders.


There is also an official forum for the server, however I am not completely done with it yet.
Current IM players who helped me test the server are Lior, Adamo DiAgro, Ozzy, ShuruP4D and my friend Jim Kelroy.

If anyone have experience creating gamemodes for ArmA 3, please PM me as I could use some help for a few things.

Server instability / issues
(posted by woot April 12th, 2014, 2:44 am)
Don't panic, your internet is fine!

There is currently a SA:MP exploit allowing someone to crash and make any server lag so that every player times out and increases your ping to the server massively. The majority of popular SA:MP servers are affected by this and there's nothing we can do at the moment to resolve this issue.

We're waiting for the SA:MP team to release an updated server binary which fixes that exploit - which may take a while.

UPDATE 12.04.2014 14:56:
Server updated, it should be fixed now.

Suggestion Section Temporarily Closed
(posted by K3lroy March 30th, 2014, 2:32 am)

Due to the massive amount of suggestions awaiting approval or rejection, I have decided to disable thread creation in the suggestion section.
That means that you may continue to reply to existing topics, but you may not create a new thread.

There's no estimated time of when the board will be open again, or when we'll be done reviewing suggestions.
But you can be certain that we are looking at them, in fact we have a management section where we post links for woot to pick from once we've read over suggestions.
That in addition to the public system of 'being considered' and 'denied'.