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Anyone posting in public forums trying to be super funny (or attempting to troll) will be banned from the forum for 7 days and will have their post deleted. If you continue doing so on another forum account all of your accounts will be permanently banned.

You can talk as retarded as you want in the private faction sections but try to keep the public sections human. This doesn't mean you need to write in perfect grammar but just don't bother posting stuff like like the examples below.

Here's just a few examples so you know what we mean:

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Italy Mafia V7 Information
Hi everyone!

I'm happy to announce a major script update, Italy Mafia V7. V7 contains some new features but also fixes annoyances and features which players wish to have back or changed. I will only go on to detail for some features in this post. You can find the full changelog at the end of this post.


This update will go live tomorrow, on Wednesday, 17th of June at 19:00 (server time)
PS: Topping up your account between 17th June 19:00 and 24th June 19:00 will count twice. (7 days)


Warehouse Robberies

Mafias may now rob warehouses. Warehouses have been re-worked on to make the robbery interactive and challenging.
Warehouses owners may hire security, the more they pay for their security, the harder it will be for robbers to steal the materials.

The warehouses have static guards which the robbers need to kill. The amount of guards depends on the security level of the warehouse.
Once the guards are killed, the robbery leader needs to hack the warehouse security computer. The difficulty depends on the security level of the warehouse.
When the hacking is complete, members can start stealing materials. A maximum of 25% of the current warehouse stock can be stolen from a warehouse.

The warehouse alarm always triggers either 3 minutes after the robbery starts or if the entered code is wrong - so a high security level for your warehouse is important.
The more guards there are to kill, the more time they will waste on killing those, and the more time they will waste on hacking the security system, and they'll have less time to steal materials until you are notified of the robbery.

If the robbers fail to hack the security system, you will be locked inside the warehouse and will not be able to flee until an addtional 3 minutes are over.

Warehouse robberies require a minimum of 3 faction members. At least 3 members of the warehouse owning faction need to be online to start a warehouse robbery.

You can steal a maximum of 25% of the current's warehouse stock. Every participating member is limited to stealing 25k materials per robbery.
If you die or quit as a robber within 6 minutes after the robbery started, all of your stolen materials will be returned to the warehouse.

If a warehouse was robbed, it cannot be robbed for a random amount between 8 and 16 hours.

The PD has absolutely no relation to warehouse robberies and will not be alerted of those.

Business Robberies

Additionally to robbing money out of a business, you can now rob components. You can either rob general item components or alcohol. Be careful what you rob if you want to restock your own business with the stolen components.
Stolen components can be stored in a faction-owned warehouse or stored directly into your business.

Money can be robbed every 12 hours, components can only be robbed every 24 hours.



The way taking over a turf has been returned to the "old way". You need to have at least 4 members in a turf in order to take it over. A turf take over requires 4 minutes. If at any time there are less than 4 members in the turf, the take over will fail.

Turfs now have a bigger value for mafias. Tier 0 mafia leaders can define the tax rate business owners will need to pay to you when they unload their money. This means there is a government tax (0-5%) and a mafia tax (0-10%) which factions can set individually for every business.

Property duplicate keys

A feature many have been asking for, to hand out more than just one duplicate key for houses and businesses. It's more than that, you can customize every single duplicate key. You can set individual permissions for every key. E.g. your first friend can only open and close the doors of your house, whereas another can open and close it, but also manage the house locker.

This means you can now hand out up to 50 duplicate keys where every key has its very own permission set.




Easy property management

Many property commands have been merged into only one simple command. Houses can be managed with /house, businesses with /biz and warehouses with /wh.
This makes it much easier to manage your property without having to remember all of the commands.







Staying anonymous and preventing metagaming

Instead of simply being "Stranger" when having your name off, you now get assigned a random unique 5 digit ID. This means once I am /name off, I get assigned a random number, in this case I am then Stranger 39485.
People can /pay me without knowing my real ID, so instead of entering the player's ID, you enter the unique ID. e.g. /pay 39485 50000

The real name will not be visible in your money logs for 72 hours. For 72 hours you will have "Given $50.000 to Stranger 39485" in your money logs. After 72 hours, this will automatically convert into the player's real name.

Admins can look up these unique IDs at any time and see who had what ID. Any abuse in this new system (because you're completely anonymous) will be severely punished.


Some people liked that races no longer have collisions, some did not. In order to solve this issue, admins may now turn on or off collisions when starting a race. When a race is created by an admin, you will see whether collisions are enabled or not for this race. You will all spawn at the same spot with collisions disabled, and after 5 seconds they will automatically enable.

Full Changelog

- You can now rob warehouses in an interactive robbery. See the forum for a detailed guide.
- Warehouses may now be upgraded up to level 6 (production = 35)
- Clicking on a note in /mynotes now gives you the option to quickly delete a note
- Added a /last command: Show the latest advertisements, the latest calls and SMSes you received.
- Your weapons, position, health and armour will now be given back when you enter and leave paintball / races / events
- Businesses now have a seperate turf tax which can be set (0-10%) by turf owners in addition to the gov taxes. Gov taxes lowered.
- Suiciding in war now actually reduces your money and costs x2 deathfee
- Many warehouse commands have been combined into one command to make management easier: /wh
- Many business commands have been combined into one command to make management easier: /biz
- Many house commands have been combined into one command to make management easier: /house
- Vehicle location is now displayed in /car spawn
- Turf faction tax income is now logged into faction logs
- You can now install a gps on your vehicle to make it traceable while occupied. (/car gps)
- /warinfo will now display the total amount of kills, deaths, KDR and total money lost
- You are now required to have a drivers license to buy vehicles from dealerships, service vehicles or rent vehicles
- Your vehicle must be registered in order to have it serviced or fixed at a PNS
- You can now toggle accessories using /acctog
- You may now toggle various hud components: /toghud <vehicle/ads/location>
- Money log entries for pay and transfers are now also displayed at the recipients moneylog
- /freq and /setfreq now trigger a /me to avoid abuse during roleplay scenes.
- You can now use /showradio <playerid> to read out frequencies other players. The other player must "/accept showradio"
- /name off now assigns you a random unique ID, players can use this ID in all other commands. (/pay, /give, /tie, ..)
The following commands are excluded from using the new nameoff unique id: /pm /blockpm /number /housedupekey /mdc
- You can now /tie players on foot if they are in /handsup animation
- You can now /letgo and /get players that are tied up
- Added new sa-mp 0.3.7 objects available for /acc
- /stats now displays if you reached the required playtime to get the next paytime
- Businesses and houses cannot be opened/closed while they are being robbed
- Businesses may now have up to 50 duplicate keys.
- Business duplicate keys can now be individually customized: The owner can set individual permissions for every duplicate key
- Houses may now have up to 50 duplicate keys.
- House duplicate keys can now be individually customized: The owner can set individual permissions for every duplicate key
- Admins who start races can now configure whether to enable or disable collisions in this race
- Changing clothes/skins is now much easier to use if you do not know skin ids; previews will be shown.
- You can now rob components from businesses. When using /robbiz, you can chose what you want to rob.
- Faction warehouses can now store components (item and alcohol components)
- PD: /car revoketickets is now logged into faction logs
- /turf now displays how many minutes left until takeover cooldown is over
- You can now sell brass knuckles with /sellgun
- You can now switch between yellow/blue faction chat color using /fcol

- Admin: Added death logging to #italymafia.death, damage logging to #italymafia.dmg
- Admin: /getcars now displays unspawned vehicles too
- Admin: Use /id <maskid> to find out a players real name
- Admin: Added /gotowh

- /tazer now uses /ame rather than /me (less spammy)
- Event winner prize is now the total of all entry fees rather than a random amount
- PD is now alerted 65 seconds before robbery ends rather than the previous 50.
- Houselockers are now capped: You can store max 2m materials & $200m money
- /myvehicles now shows where the vehicle spawns rather than it's actual position
- Time displayed when race finishes is now in mm:ss format
- Only the top 3 of race finishers will be rewarded rather than the previous 5
- /startevent may now be used up to 35 players online (rather than the previous 25)
- Taking over turfs has been reverted back to the old way. (stay close together for a few minutes to take over)
- The "stuffs" component for businesses has been renamed to "items"

- Admin: Consistency: Names on IRC now always include underscore

- /car nitro no longer working if the business is out of stock
- You can no longer answer your phone if you are cuffed or tied.
- Clamped vehicles can no longer be hotwired
- You no longer lose money/materials when killed by PD in events
- /osetrank and /osettier were sometimes not working correctly
- /tracen now properly sets the checkpoint if inside an apartment complex
- Exploit to duplicate weapons
- Launcher sometimes displaying token expired due to network configuration
- Race checkpoints were not displaying arrows most of the time
- /car tow'ing all will now only deduct money for spawned vehicles rather than all owned ones
- sellguncrates not appearing in faction logs
- Fixed SA:MP bug where long distance sniper hits did not register correctly
Launcher update
Some users have reported that their launcher is crashing upon clicking "Launch game" after today's update.

If your launcher crashes, please re-download the latest binary here:

It will automatically check your PC for missing dependencies and download them from the microsoft website too. (e.g. Visual C++ redistributable package)