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Forum Moderators
Forum Moderators Incoming

Hi community!

I am glad to announce that we have (finally) set up a system for forum moderators.
That means we have started to assemble a forum moderation team to help us admins and helpers to enforce the forum rules!

The first three invites have been sent, and the first two moderators said yes already!
Congratulations to Ace and Mikeloff for being the first ever forum moderators!

More moderators are to come as admins recommend them.

Head of Forum Moderator Team:

Faction Wars
This update is live now.

Starting a war
All factions have heat levels between eachother.
When a heat level of 10000 or higher is reached between two factions, they are required to act.
A heat level of 10000 generally means the faction is required to war after the review by a head admin.

Heat levels between are increased automatically by attacking other factions:
  • Business robbery
    • Tier 0 owner: 30 points
    • Tier 1 owner: 20 points
    • Tier 2 owner: 10 points
    • Tier 3 owner: 5 points
  • House robbery
    • 5 points
  • Turf takeover
    • 40 points
  • Warehouse robbery
    • 50 points

A failed business robbery increases the heat by 15, a failed house robbery by 5.

Please note that the required heat level may be increased anytime by a head administrator, in a
case-by-case review. This is made to make sure both factions have equally attacked eachother and not
just one faction that wants to force a war for no proper reason.

Senior administrators and higher may manually add heat points between factions. This is used for situations
that are not detected by the script, e.g. kidnapping an opposing faction member. Senior administrators
may add up to 200 heat per incident, any amount higher than that has to be approved by a head administrator.
Senior administrators will add an adequate amount of points depending on the situation. These cannot be
reversed under any circumstance.

Every single heat level increase is logged (including robberies) and will be thoroughly inspected by the
head of illegals before starting a war between factions.

The base prize for every war is $500 million. If a faction leader is unable to get ahold of $500 million,
his faction is declared bankrupt and will be wiped.

The prize will be increased by $50 million every Sunday at 8AM.

There must be a minimum of 6 hours total playtime per day per faction. On the 3rd offense, the faction
will lose the war forcefully due to inactivity. Players are automatically kicked from the server if
they are paused for more than 5 minutes. This will prevent players farming playtime while being unable
to die.

The winner of a war will be declared by a point difference. If faction X has 1000 more points than Y,
faction X will be declared winner of the war. This required point difference is to be defined by the
warring factions and the involved head administrator.

Point values: Tier 3 => 1 point, Tier 2 => 2 points, Tier 1 => 3 point, Tier 0 => 4 points.
If you suicide during war, the opposing faction will get x2 your own point value.

If you uninvite a member during a war, your faction will lose 50 points.

There are increased death fees during wars. Tier 3 pays $70k per death, Tier 2 pays $100k per death,
Tier 1 pays $120k per death, and Tier 0 pays $150k per death. If you suicide during war, you will lose
*2 the deathfee.

1 adminjail = (jailtimeinminutes/4) removed from the players faction team (eg. 240 mins = -60pts)

Declaring a winner
The war winner is declared if the required point difference has been reached by a faction.

A war win is also declared in the following situations, even if the required point difference was not met:
- Inactivity of the opposing faction (see 6 hour rule)
- If a total of 7000 kills were accumulated and your faction has a KDR of over 1.5

A faction may surrender at any time during the war. If you surrender, the heat level between the warring
factions will not be reset, but set back to 2500.

If the war finishes due to reaching the required points difference, due to inactivity, or due to reaching
the 1.5 KDR, the heat level will be reset to 0.

Tracking & Stats
During the war, a page will be visible on the Italy Mafia website including many live statistics. This is
mainly to prevent point farming, account mixing, and just to check out the current stats.

The following will be visible to everyone:
- Current kills, deaths & KDR for both factions
- Today's total playtime for both factions (counting from midnight onwards)
- Kill / death logs

© woot & Makke
Forum posts
Anyone posting in public forums trying to be super funny (or attempting to troll) will be banned from the forum for 7 days and will have their post deleted. If you continue doing so on another forum account all of your accounts will be permanently banned.

You can talk as retarded as you want in the private faction sections but try to keep the public sections human. This doesn't mean you need to write in perfect grammar but just don't bother posting stuff like like the examples below.

Here's just a few examples so you know what we mean:

Mikeloff wrote:
well only faggots like carrone and coke do that

Carrone wrote:
Mikeloff wrote:
well only faggots like carrone and coke do that

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Infamous wrote:
TariQue wrote:
Infamous wrote:
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Clueless wrote:
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MaOs wrote:
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Clueless wrote:
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