Hello, thar!
IMRP - Update
Hi everyone,

due to the recent server issues I decided to release this combo update earlier than planned.

Server movement
The server can be found at server.sa-mp.im:7777 (or if it doesn't resolve for you yet).

New website
As of today, we have a brand new sexy website. Please note that since I had to launch it earlier than expected, not all features are available yet. The website is the first thing on my to-do list to complete.

Script updates
A lot of backend stuff was done. Not everything was extensively tested yet. I will put the new version of the script live now nonetheless. If you notice any bugs, please use the bug report section.

- Entirely rewritten the faction backend (loading & saving - everything is now dynamic)
- Entirely rewritten the player saving/loading backend.
- Removed faction HQ icons/labels, roof & garage
- Removed the gym. Fightstyles can no longer be changed by everyone.
- Removed aviation & sailing licenses
- Removed the marriage system.
- Removed /buynamechange & /buyphonenumber
- CASINO: Slotmachines: Increased the amont of money you win at slot machines by 50%
- ROBBERY: The more people you are together robbing a business, the less time you need to rob it.
- ROBBERY: You can now drop moneybags from house/biz robberies with /dropmoneybag
- ROBBERY: Business ID is now displayed in business robbery notifications
- EVENTS: /eventlist displays the players that are still in the currently ongoing event.
- FACTION: Fixed the factions not being notified about robberies issue
- FACTION: Increased maximum faction car count to 30
- LEA: /duty, /givegun, /heal, /clothes is now always at LEA spawn locations, no remote places are possible anymore.
- LEA: Taking/revoking weapon licenses will now be displayed in faction logs (TYPE: OTHER)
- LEA: Impounding/unimpound vehicles will now be displayed in faction logs (TYPE: OTHER)
- LEA: /duty now only sets you on duty w/ the colored name; /clothes must be used seperately
- LEA: /duty is now announced in /f
- LEA: Faction name is now displayed in /em
- LEA: Added correct coordinate offsets for /car tog siren (K3lroy)
- LEA: If you arrest a player, your faction will receive $(minutes*1500) into their fbank and deducted from the suspect as fine.
- CARS: New command to force your vehicle out of a garage if you cant find it anymore (/car forceout)
- CARS: Cars that are on sale will automatically respawn every few minutes if unoccupied
- CARS: You can now store a single weapon in a vehicle with /storegun
- STATS: Merged the total paytimes & playtime together (totalpt is now used)
- Changed: /tracehouse and /tracebiz no longer requires the detective job
- Changed: /dropcrate may now only be used every 5 seconds
- Changed: Visual changes in some commands
- Changed: You can now store snipers in vehicles too. (taking them can only be done by tier 1/0)
- Changed: /clothes, /hardware and /buy now only set checkpoints to in-stock stores
- Changed: /phone (on|off) now saves
- Changed: /name (on|off) now saves
- Changed: /jq (on|off) now saves
- Fixed: Player will now again lose money on offline jail
- Fixed: Firefighter skins can no longer be used.
- Added: /changemynumber <1-999999> command
- Added: All houses now come by default with the /heal ability for health only. You can "/house buyarmor" if you want to add the ability to recover armour too. 1-time-fee of $15.000.000.
- Added: Using /w now automatically triggers /ame
- Added: /pns will now give you a checkpoint to the closest in-stock pay n spray
- Added: Priority advertisements: /prad. Costs *25 more than the normal ads and has a different colour. Maximum 1 per 2 minutes.
- Added: Paintball now shows enter/exit notifications to paintball players
- Added: /pblist shows list of all current players in pb
- Added: Purchased fake licenses now save (not the identity itself!)

Other notes
All of the criminal log entries have been cleared.
The server is now located in France.
Mafia war in San Fierro! Paterno meets Kemirov!

The tensions between Paterno and Kemirov are so bad, they agreed to a war.
San Fierro will be the battlefield for this war, and none of the warring factions can leave the town!

Each faction had their Headquarters, Warehouse and one House moved to a new location.
In addition, they received a gunstore each and a bank was moved to the City Hall.

The terms are:
  • $300.000.000 to the winning faction, paid by the loser.
  • Loser can not attack the winner for 1 month.
  • Headquarters must be open at all times!
  • Houses must be rentable and open at all times!
  • Allies can not interfere!
  • No factions can leave San Fierro. (Only with OOC mode)
  • Update: No waves anymore, JS tag counts.

Both factions have the same HQ interior and assets available!!

Any update will be added to this thread.

Pictures can be shared here: viewtopic.php?p=761719#p761719 (Thanks PaC)
Survey conclusions
After having the 2nd survey open for a week, here are the results:


The following will be added shortly:

  • Save weapons (& make them much more expensive) (267 votes)
  • Custom adjustable player-items ("toys", "accessoiries") (196 votes)
  • Luigi T.'s business fronts idea (188 votes)

(quiz: 188 votes, shoutbox: 146 votes)


The following changes will be made shortly:

  • Bring the FBI faction back (272 votes)
  • Enable car-surfing for every car (217 votes)
  • Increased house & business slots (211 votes)

(remove ems: 179, pd f-auth: 173)