Hello, thar!
December 2014 @ Italy Mafia

The long awaited giftboxes are back. They work differently than they did last year. You may now walk up to a xmas tree (f. ex. at the pershing square) and use /giftbox to claim a random gift. You can pick up a giftbox every 3 hours. (Premium members every 2 hours)

Giftboxes can contain various more or less rare items. Below is a list of what you can get and the odds of the rewards:
  • 40% chance money between 50k - 250k
  • 15% chance for materials 10k - 40k
  • 5% chance money between 350k - 550k
  • 5% chance for 1 namechange
  • 5% chance for 1 numberchange
  • 5% chance for materials 40k-80k
  • 5% chance for cannabis (20-50g)
  • 5% chance for cocaine (15-30g)
  • 5% chance for ecstasy (10-30g)
  • 4% chance for heroin (10-25g)
  • 2% chance for money between 700k-1m
  • 2% chance for materials 60k-80k
  • 1% chance for a rocketlauncher (rpg) with 1 bullet
    1% chance for a weapon license



Like every year, we will hold a bunch of random events where you can win some neat stuff.


x2 Donations

Just like every year, all of the money you top up (only using PayPal) to your account will be doubled. If you top up 10€, you will receive another 10€ for free. That means you don't have to pick the same package twice, but can chose whatever you want with your account balance.



Here's the changelog with the latest changes:
  • Players are now notified when receiving a namechange by an admin
  • You no longer lose money when you die in jail
  • You can no longer use /sellgun, /tz in events and paintball
  • The chat distance of the local chat, /me, /s and /low has been decreased
  • Faction vehicles no longer have their faction name on the vehicle carplates
  • Business text labels now display whether a business is open or closed
  • 911 call IDs will automatically reset to 1 once they reached 99.
  • /id <name> now shows how long a player has been afk for
  • Warns on a player are no longer based on 5/5 = ban. The punishments when being warned now depend on how many warns you have:
    1 warn = 1 warn
    2 warns = 120 minute jail
    3 warns = 240 minute jail
    4 warns = 24 hour ban
    5 warns = 48 hour ban
    6 warns = 72 hour ban
    ... for every additional warn, previous+24 hour ban
    10 warns = 168 hour (1 week) ban
  • You can now /give items to other players: /give <playerid/name> [materials/cannabis/cocaine/ecstasy/heroin] [qty]
  • You can now /car tow all of your vehicles at once.
  • /gopen and /gclose may now also be used on the garage icon
  • You can now put and take items into vehicles. Warning: They will dissapear upon vehicle respawn. /carput and /cartake [materials/money/cannabis/cocaine/ecstasy/heroin] [qty]
Reporting players

as of today, we changed the way on how you report players because there's still people that don't understand how to follow a simple format and/or upload screenshots.

From now on, you need to fill out the player report form here and a bot will automatically create the topic for you.

Once the topic has been created, every player that you reported will automatically receive an offline-pm ingame that he has been reported, so you do not need to take care of that yourself anymore.


Credzz to Smellroy for his glory idea

Reports with invalid/broken screenshots
You have 4 days to fix and reply to your forum report with fixed screenshots, otherwise we'll archive it and won't take any action.

If you can't post updated screenshots PM them to ucp.php?i=pm&mode=compose&g=10 with a link to the report.