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Server IP Change
The server location has been changed which results in a new server IP.

Simply add server.sa-mp.im:7777 to your favorites.
If you use the IMRP Launcher, you will automatically be connected to the new server.

We already announced that teams will get upgradable slots for both players and cars, but for now we want to see how many teams are created, how they are utilized and so on.
It was said at least 8 times in the announcement thread, and it was probably said at least three times more than that outside of posts.

Stop suggesting things for teams for now. Let us analyse how you use them so we can tell what we want to do to them.
Italy Mafia - November Update

November Update


Teams have returned! Many players have been asking to have the feature of teams back. Many of you want groups, many of you want shareable vehicles, ranks, tiers - but it isn't easy to get an official faction spot.

In short, teams are in between groups and factions in terms of features.
  • Teams have: A name, members, ranks, tiers and even team-owned vehicles.
  • Teams are however not to be compared to factions; They do not have a HQ, no turfs, no runs, no snipers, ..

By default, teams can have up to 3 team-owned vehicles and up to 10 members in total. Anybody can create a team for $75m.

Teams have 3 tiers in total:
  • Tier 0 is the creator, the leader. The leader cannot be changed under any circumstance. There can only be one tier 0 member, the creator. The leader can assign tiers, add faction vehicles and delete the team.
  • Tier 1 are moderators: Moderators can invite, uninvite and set ranks. There may only be a maximum of 2 members with tier 1.
  • Tier 2 are normal members: No special permissions.

All available team commands:
  • /team create <name> - Create a team with the given name. Please note that a team name cannot be changed afterwards, ever. This will cost $75m.
  • /team uninvite <playerid/name> - The team leader (tier 0) and moderators (tier 1) can uninvite online members.
  • /team ouninvite <Firstname_Lastname> - The team leader (tier 0) and moderators (tier 1) can uninvite offline members.
  • /team setrank <playerid/name> <rank> - The team leader (tier 0) and moderators (tier 1) can change the rank of members.
  • /team settier <playerid/name> <tier(1/2)> - The team leader (tier 0) and moderators (tier 1) can change the rank of members.
  • /team startrank <rank> - The team leader (tier 0) can define the default rank members get when they are invited.
  • /team addcar - The team leader (tier 0) can assign a personal vehicle to the team. This is the same as factionizing; it is permanent and cannot be undone. You will not be refunded for this vehicle, ever.
  • /team cars - Show a list of currently owned team vehicles.
  • /team cartow - The team leader (tier 0) and moderators (tier 1) can tow team-owned vehicles.
  • /t <message> - Talk to your team in the OOC team chat.
  • /ttog - Toggle the OOC team chat for yourself on or off.
  • /ton - Show a list of your online team members.
  • /toff - Show a list of your offline team members.
  • /teams - Display a list of all current teams on the server.

Many of you will wonder; Yes, you can be in a faction and a team at the same time. You can even be in a faction, in a team and in a group at the same time.

The maximum amount of members and maximum amount of vehicles can currently not be upgraded - we'll see if and how we implement this over the course of time when teams have settled in.

Any Lead Admin and higher can administrate teams. If there is a valid reason, lead administrators have the right to entirely delete your team.

To be added shortly: Pages similar to the Faction page on the UCP, including a live team chat from the UCP to in-game.

Business Restocking

The SDC (Shield Delivery Company) faction has been removed; it has been a long time since it was deemed to be not quite useful. Along with that, the old Squallo runs have been removed as they are not needed anymore.

From now on, the "order comps" business duplicate key permission has been replaced with "restock business" permission. The owner of a business, as well as anyone with the permission to "restock business" can restock businesses themselves.

To do so, go to your business settings, and chose the "restock" option. You will be guided to a rental delivery van, then to a place to buy the components and then head back to the business to restock it.

This way, business can even "employ" people by giving them a duplicate key with restocking capability. The person doing the restocking process will pay 85% of the current component price, and sells them for 100% of the component price to the business. This means there's a 15% profit for whoever is restocking the business.

Various changes you should be aware about
  • Most of the /fcar commands have been combined into /car. This is to avoid duplicate commands for everything. The only /fcar commands that remain are "tow" and "ua" - both now work for members that have the car towing authority.
  • Toll stations have been added to the border of Los Santos. (/car paytoll) [exempted: players under level 4, on-duty LEA, government, truck drivers, taxi drivers] By default, the toll gate remains open for 2 seconds. If you have a vehicle with a trailer attached, the toll gate remains open for 3 seconds.
  • The car impound has been moved to a different place; since cars are unspawned when impounded a huge parking lot is no longer required.
  • Faction- and team-owned vehicles can now be clamped as well. Any faction- respectively team member can use /car paytickes to pay the tickets and remove the clamp from the vehicle.
  • The Government controls the price of the business components as well as the toll fee. (/settax)
  • As requested by many, the lead-, metal- and burrito runs have been moved back to their old positions.