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Top up your account using your phone
After this feature has been gone for a long time, it is now available again using DaoPay. Top up your in-game account using your phone. Simply select the country you are from and then click on the DaoPay logo.

Currently, the following listed countries are supported, more countries will follow soon.

Saudi Arabia
United Arab Emirates
United Kingdom
Faction Alliances
Faction Alliances

Factions are now able to create official alliances where they may invite other factions to join them and have extended privileges.

For starters, we've decided to implement the base of alliance creation / management along with a few simple features available to all players and alliance members.

/alliance list will be available to all players and will allow them to check how the current faction alliances are set. (NOTE: If a faction is not part of an alliance, they will not be displayed in the list.)

Alliance: The Black Mob
- Tattaglia (Online: 1)
- Stracci (Online: 0)

Alliance: North Blueberry Connection
- Barzini (Online: 0)

Alliance: Downtown Crews
- Cuneo (Online: 1)

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/alliance getfreq will be available to all Tier 2 members apart of an alliance and will allow them to check the currently set alliance frequency (similar to faction /getfreq).

Alliance: Andre Badal (Cuneo) has changed the alliance frequency to 893472
Alliance Frequency: 893472

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The features listed above are just the basics and the beginning. We are looking to continuously progress this forward with the addition of many more features and even the possibility of having alliance shared specific notifications (such as turf takeovers, robberies, etc).

If you have any suggestions or ideas, check out the Factions & Groups suggestion section! We'll have our eyes peeled looking for any good ideas that are widely accepted by the community.

More information

Available commands:
/alliance [list/getfreq/setfreq/accept/leave/invite/uninvite/create/rename]
/alliance list
/alliance getfreq
/alliance setfreq [Frequency]
/alliance accept [Faction ID]
/alliance leave
/alliance invite [Faction ID]
/alliance uninvite [Faction ID]
/alliance create [Name of Alliance]
/alliance rename [New name of Alliance]

- Faction leaders that created the alliance - (/alliance invite/uninvite/rename)
- Faction leaders in the alliance (not creators of alliance) - (/alliance setfreq/leave)
- Players (Tier 2) apart of the alliance - (/alliance getfreq)
- Faction not apart of an alliance - (/alliance create)
- All players - (/alliance list)

- Factions that have recently left / been kicked from an alliance will need to wait 48 hours (2 days) before joining or creating another.

Barzini: /alliance create Green Peas
(5) Barzini has created an alliance.
Barzini: /alliance invite 4
(5) Barzini has invited (4) Cuneo to join their alliance.
Cuneo: /alliance accept 5
(4) Cuneo has accepted (5) Barzini's alliance request.
(4) Cuneo is now apart of the alliance Green Peas.
Cuneo: /alliance leave
(4) Cuneo has left the alliance.
Barzini: /alliance uninvite 4
(4) Cuneo has been removed from the alliance.
VACation mode / inactivity mode
Are you planning to be away for longer than 2 weeks?
This way, you can protect your properties for up to 6 weeks (rather than the default 2 weeks) from being removed for inactivity. Simply enable vacation mode before you are leaving to go inactive. Please note that you can use this feature only once every 6 months.

Banned players cannot go on vacation mode. Don't blame us because you are the being punished for breaking rules.

You will still be able to log ingame while in vacation mode. This will not reset your vacation and it will not increase your vacation period.

You will not lose your houses/businesses and you will not lose money over time.

Example: Dolan enables vacation mode on the 2nd of February, vacation mode gets automatically disabled on 2nd of March. Dolan's inactive period will now start, he has another 2 weeks of inactivity available after which his properties will be removed and another 4 weeks until his money will be drained on a daily basis.

As a reminder, as the rules always have been:
- If you are inactive for more than 14 days, your houses and businesses may be deleted without a refund.
- If you are inactive for more than 28 days, money and materials will be drained slowly day-by-day. See here for more details. Obviously no refunds either.

- Properties will automatically be deleted if a player has not logged in for at least 14 days. Properties will not be refunded if this is the case.
- Players will no longer be able to commandeer other player's properties via support ticket.
- If you want a property but it is already owned by another player, you must wait at least 14 days for the property to be automatically deleted and for the plot to be unowned (no icon present). You may then use /claimhouse on the empty plot.

Vehicles are never removed, you always get to keep them.