Hello, thar!
Reporting players

as of today, we changed the way on how you report players because there's still people that don't understand how to follow a simple format and/or upload screenshots.

From now on, you need to fill out the player report form here and a bot will automatically create the topic for you.

Once the topic has been created, every player that you reported will automatically receive an offline-pm ingame that he has been reported, so you do not need to take care of that yourself anymore.


Credzz to Smellroy for his glory idea

Reports with invalid/broken screenshots
You have 4 days to fix and reply to your forum report with fixed screenshots, otherwise we'll archive it and won't take any action.

If you can't post updated screenshots PM them to ucp.php?i=pm&mode=compose&g=10 with a link to the report.
files.sa-mp.im - data loss
Unfortunately both hard disks of the server where all the images were hosted on (files.sa-mp.im) died at the same time. 300GB+ of images were lost.

files.sa-mp. is now available again. And the data on it is backed up regularly too! :)